Michael Jackson Personality
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Michael Jackson Personality

Have you ever wondered if you were Michael Jacksons's lost identical twin? Well now you can find out! Just go through this quiz and you'll find out what you are at the end!

Question 1:   What are your two favourite colours?
White and Black
Blue and green
Red and White
Red and Black
Green and Orange

Question 2:   If you had the chance to get plastic surgery you would say:
Are you kidding me? I'd go overboard!
No way... I'm gorgeous enough as it is.
Well... there are a couple of things I'd like to fix.
Maybe... well ... I dunno... uhh..umm..hmm?

Question 3:   What are you most likely to wear?
Black pants, white t-shirt and a white blouse or a leather (vinyl) jacket overtop.
Bell bottoms and a belli top.
Nothing at all!
Jeans and a belli top.

Question 4:   What is your favourite number?

Question 5:   What colour is your hair or what would you want it to be?

Question 6:   What do you like to do in your spare time?
Sit down and read a book.
Play with super soakers and waterballoons ( I don't mind the occasional ride on the puckbucket [ the octopus])
Hang out with friends
Go out into the public.

Question 7:   What would do you like to do (other than above)?
Sit and be a loser.
Get nails cut.
Sing, dance and perform onstage.

Question 8:   What kind of personality do you have?
Loud and obnoxious.
Rude and prissy.
Not down to earth.
Quiet, giving, generous, respectful and kind.

Question 9:   What day do you wish your birthday was?
November 8
October 25
December 7
August 29

Question 10:   What is Michael Jackson's Middle name?

This Quiz has been designed by Kara Rose.