Which Nirvana member are you?
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Which Nirvana member are you?

Kurt Cobain, Krist (Chris) Novoselic, or Dave Grohl, which are you?

Question 1:   What do you like to do in your spare time?
Jam on the drums, party.
Write in a journal, play guitar.
Go to concerts, meet new people.

Question 2:   If you were in a band, what would you want to be:
The one asks serious, sometimes crazy, and is fun at heart.
The big loud, funny guy telling all the jokes and acting weird.
The quiet, energetic guy with no shirt.

Question 3:   What do you look like?
Pretty long brown hair, very tall, and skinny.
Long, blonde hair, medium height, skinny.
Long, brown hair, pretty skinny, a little muscular.

Question 4:   At a party, you are the one...?
Trying to talk to everyone and enjoy yourself.
Throwing food and laughing a lot.
Hiding in a closet...leave me alone!

Question 5:   Do you write a lot of poems, or lyrics?
Yes, a little bit.
Yes, all the time!
No, not much at all.

Question 6:   Are you...?
Really crazy, funny, and weird sometimes, and often getting in trouble for it.
Quiet sometimes, but not shy, always talking to people and not trying to have the spotlight
Quiet around people you don't like or know, but really funny and crazy around friends

Question 7:   Which shirt do you like?
An opened flannel with nothing under
No shirt
A homemade shirt with one or two flannels.

Question 8:   You just got lots of money, what do you want to buy?
A new drum set and some shoes
Drugs, and a new guitar
A record player and some old records

Question 9:   Are you...?
Trying to get out of the spotlight
Feeling comfortable where you are
Wondering what the spotlight would be like

Question 10:   Would you ever get a tattoo?
Maybe one or two
Nah, probably not.
Yeah, sure, why not?

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