What Kind of Raging Rock Beast are you?
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What Kind of Raging Rock Beast are you?

What'll it be?

Question 1:   What song gets you ready for a fight? What song Just starts pumping your adrenaline until you just start killing people by habit alone? (If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
Twisted Sister, "Destroyer!"
Anything by CKY
Dirty Deeds, done dirt cheap (and f***in' well)
NIN, "The wretched"

Question 2:   What about when you just want to chill?(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
Nickel Back, just put on "The State" and let it roll
Rob Zombie "Dragula" (Never stop with the angry thing do you)
a little ditty by GC, whatever
Blue Oyster Cult, "Harvest Moon"

Question 3:   Whilst smoking a doobie, contemplating smoking a doobie, or in a doobified state, what music is playing.(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
Cream, "Sunshine of your lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ove, Dun-dun-dun-dun! Dun, dun, dun! Dun-dun! Dud-dun!
NIN, "The day the whole world went away"........I wish it would, hence the doobie
In-a-gadda-da-vida........good song, need a long one cus' I'm too high to get up and change the record
I don't need drugs, I got my skateboard (all skaters must choose this one, represent your creed man.)

Question 4:   Okay just got dumped(you got dumped, don't tell me it was mutual or any of that BS)What are you crying/angry/not giving a damn/cutting yourself to?(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
NIN, again......(always sad and moddy aren't you?)
Put on Train and let it roll (nothing wrong with a softie)
There are always answers in Blue Oyster Cult
Simple Plan, they know my heart

Question 5:   Best band for Party Music.(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
AC/DC! F*** yeah!
NickelBack or Sum41, NickelBack or Sum41.....whaddabout Nirvana....damn, I'm gonna be changing discs all night
Rob Zombie! Where's my strobes?
Good Charlotte! Can I fit this Half-pipe in the living room?

Question 6:   Cruising in your car/hanging out in a parking-lot(car or no car)/F***in's around at night with some friends at an old abandoned school, what is hitting the stereo the most?(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
Nirvana......does anybody else smell teen spirit?
Good Charlotte (dude, there are other bands out there)
Rammstein! (Rammstein ist die Scheiße!)
Ramones! Perfect for throwing sh*t at eachother for no apparent reason.

Question 7:   What does your hair look like or similar to? Don't lie, if you don't have the hair you haven't answered the other questions the same.
about one ore two inches long, spiked on top, or maybe a little below the ears and messy.
It's f***ing hair jackass, what the f*** is it supposed to look like?
Long and jet-black. Maybe braided or strategically shaved.
Long, flowing, ample for head-banging

Question 8:   Wardorbe! How do you show who you are?(If it isn't there, pick something similar.)
Wal-mart good, me poor/don't give a damn.
Black T-shirt, blue-jeans, my ass-stompin boots (ass-stomping boots also adaptable to stomp faces) Sometimes a band name on my shirt but not alot.
Shorts or whatever I can skate in. Most of my t-shirts say spooge-monkey or something.
I pray my eternal love and thanks to the Gods of Hot Topic, for thou hath smiled upon me many-a-time.

Question 9:   When did you find your musical niche?
When GC gave me the urge to jump on a Skateboard
When I was roving the highways on my harley in the 70's (even in you weren't alive in the 70's if you think it fits, go ahead)
When I realised that life is nothing but sh*t, the world is a truck-stop wh*re and everyone hates me
When my nuts dropped and I needed something to f*** to.....g'head, I don't f***in' know

Question 10:   You would most likely describe yourself as....
Me f*** damnit! Motherf***er you ask some dumbass questions. Life sucks, deal, or be dealt with. Now f*** off, I got sh*t to do
"If I get my boot dirty in your ass, I'm cleaning it off on your face."
Life sucks, I write my poetry, I listen to my music, and I cry, I deal with it my way, just f*** off.
Dude, the snozberries taste like snozberries. Where's my board?

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