Which member of Busted are you?
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Which member of Busted are you?

Ok, this test is for everyone EVERYONE who knows Busted. In case you doesn't know who they are, they are umm...... a band. I don't know how to explain so just take this test to know who you are like. Is it James? Charlie? Or Matt?

Question 1:   Did you wet your bed until you were 9-12 years old? Or even more than that?
A gentleman or a lady does not wet his or her bed

Question 2:   Do you or do you not like Michael Jackson?
I prefer classical music but a rock or pop one will do it
Umm........yes again.
I don't think so-mate

Question 3:   Do you sleep about 13 hours a day? or even more?
Who would sleep that long-mate?
Of course not. I am not an irresponsible person.
I think so.....

Question 4:   Do you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend who is 1 year older and dumped you because he/she thinks that you're too young for her/him?
I do not have any girlfriend or boyfriend YET
Hehehehe? Yes-mate
No. I don't have any.

Question 5:   Do you even know how to use a washing machine?
I am the only responsible around here so of course I know how to use it
Sorry. No. I give all the work to my roommate
Umm......hehehehe again? nope.

Question 6:   When I say fish, what will your reaction be?
They're pretty ok.
Mmmm.......fish. DELICIOUS!
Ugh.....fish are very stinky. They should be extinct!

Question 7:   Do you prefer blue eyes?
Duh. I have blue eyes.
Blue is a very peaceful colour. Or maybe sad.

Question 8:   Ok no more questions. Can't think of any. Ok, do you like busted?

Question 9:   Do you like skunk hairstyle?

Question 10:   Do you like to smile in pictures?
It's to impress the girls/boys
Even though I'm a gentleman/lady, I do not like to smile.

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