What’s My Chance Of Becoming A K-pop Idol? Quiz

This is a test to tell you how much of a chance you have of becoming a K-pop idol. Asians might have a bit of an advantage, but if you're non-Asian, you are still welcomed to take this test! This is just for fun, so please don’t take your result too seriously or be sad over it!

  • 1
    What type of audition are you doing?
    What type of audition are you doing?
  • 2
    What are you good at?
  • 3
    What’s your personality?

  • 4
    What do you think your position will be?
  • 5
    Why do you want to be a K-pop idol? (Be honest!)
  • 6
    Becoming a trainee is hard work. First, there's getting your skills up and practicing for hours. Then you have to make and send a video of you singing/dancing/modeling/rapping.

    If you get a callback, then you have to go meet them in person, move to Korea, become a trainee for years to learn Korean culture, and train for hours every day for like, four years. Then you might not even debut. Will you still do it?

  • 7
    It’s performance day. What are you feeling?
  • 8
    You're having a conflict with one of your band members. She says you're lazy. What do you do?
  • 9
    You feel like you're going to pass out onstage. You:
  • 10
    How much do you weigh?
    (I’m sorry - weight is crucial to being a K-pop idol.)

Comments (117)


28 days ago
I am currently 13 rn and it is my biggest dream to become a kpop idol I live and breathe for it but I have two main conflicts, my parents are, let's just say less than supportive... And in order to live my dream I'll have to leave home at 18 and while that's fine with me, I worry that I will be to late to be just starting out as a trainee(that is if I'm even excepted). Secondly, I worry I won't be excepted, not because of my skills but because.. I'm not asian, I know that there are some non asian kpop idols but they at few and far between and I worry I will get a lot of hate for it and it might even hinder the rest of my groups career ...
80 days ago
so the thing is im not confident enough and i cant speak that much korean just the basics of the basic . i want to become one because since i was young i loved to sing and dancing since 2016
104 days ago
i really want to become a kpop idol too, but i don't think i'm good for it...my dream is to become a trannie and try my best..
165 days ago
178 days ago
Hey im 14 years old and i really want to become a kpop idol because ive also like to dance and i dont know if my voice is high or not because im not that good but i dont know how to speak Korean some of the words i understand with it but i dont understand that much so i want to become a kpop idol because i want my dreams to come true
181 days ago
my mom will say no to this. i really want to be a kpop idol. i also got the same result
209 days ago
That's so great it's just my wish and dreams
278 days ago
I’m a 12 year old girl from New Zealand. I really want to become a Kpop idol or just an idol. I’m half taiwanese so i dont think ill be able to achieve this. I can sing and dance but i cant speak Korean. The result i got was encouraging. I got the same as i did last time. Im very happy i got this


I hope that one day i can actually become an idol.
286 days ago
I want to become a Kpop idol because i want my dream to come true. i want to learn Korean but its hard. idk if they will accept me because i'm black but, I can sing dance and rap. i hope one day my dream will come true. To be honest you almost made me cry when my results came in. it basically said if you make up your mind you might make it. and i loved that message ty.
304 days ago
I really want to be a Kpop idol, but i live very far away from Korea. I think my parents would disapprove with what i want to be. I am half asian so i am not confident in my looks but i can sing and dance. I speak english and can understand mandarin. I want to join big hit but because I'm a girl i probably cant. I have actually started to compose some backing tracks and lyrics. I love music but I'm not confident. I love singing but I'm a bit of an introvert so i get embarrassed in front of other people.
327 days ago
I am good at dancing and I really admire big hit entertainments and Bts I like their song composition,the rhythms,choreograph is awesome and coordination is grate I don't have words to explaine . I dance pop style also classical and I can sing and rap and I like modeling. I dont speaker korean but I have a great will power to learn the language and make all the kpop my fans or may be the group I will get into through God's grace . I all dreamt of being in a group . So wish me good luck and may all your dreams come true.
327 days ago
I would like to be a kpop idol but I fear if my parents would allow me to take part because I am in India and the audition is in korea and may be because I am 15 years they fear to send me far from their sight
334 days ago
I could audition but my parents would never move to South Korea. Could you tell me some tips to convince them cuz I really really want to become a K-pop idol. Plus Big Hit does not allow girls in their industry and I'm thinking of joining YG. I soo badly wanna join Big Hit but me being a girl is the problem. I'm 12 so I think I'm gonna Audition for some other company
336 days ago
hi, my name is leilani and I'm just a ordinary 16 years old and I just want to be a k-pop that's all.
347 days ago
I'm 13 year old girl and I weigh 36kg at 152cm. My friends say I'm good at singing and have good visuals. I'll improve on my dancing but my main concern is having to travel to Korea because my parents are supre strict. This is probably a pipe dream for me but hopefully, if I'm lucky, JYP or SM or even YG will come to my country and I'll be able to audition and hopefully get accepted
361 days ago
Hello I´m Charlie and I´m a 13 y/o boy! My lifegoal is becoming an Kpop Idol and making people happy with my music, I want to show strangers my skill and hardworking side, since no one notices that. I will learn how to dance and try to lose weight, practise singing and rapping. I am from Germany, but when I believe in myself and improove my skills, I will become an Idol,
lets believe in ourselfe, should we? Maybe we will meet again, wish me luck!
375 days ago
hello I'm Ella 15years old i am from Nepal my dream is I'm make a kpop idol and become famous like a black pink I love dance and modeling my voice is not good and i don't like singing
394 days ago
Hello my name is Archita Choudhury I'm from Assam, India.. I love singing and dancing since 7 years old and I want to be a kpop idol.. I've heard if we want to be a kpop idol we have to be a trainee first from like 12-18 years.I'm 16 years old, but I think it's better late than never. So I still hope to be a kpop idol and I believe that my dreams will come true✨
395 days ago
This quiz is giving same answers to everyone I think but it is true we should put our lazy butt up.ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
395 days ago
who is a good hip hop dancer here?