Which Marilyn Manson band member is your soul mate?
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Which Marilyn Manson band member is your soul mate?

C'mon you weirdos. You've always wanted to know who you'd be most compatible with. Even you guys can take this quiz to find out who you'd be best buds with.

Question 1:You're in line at Wal-Mart and you're about to pay for your nifty umbrella when someone stands in front of you. You:
Let them pay but wait until they go outside and beat them up.
Threaten to shoot them with the toy gun you carry around with your for emergencies.
Let they pay, but later stalk them until they lose their minds
Stomp your foot and wail 'But I was here FIRST!'
Get an irritated look on your face and say 'Excuuuuuuuse me, I believe I was next.'

Question 2:Your partner tells you that they think your relationship has gone downhill and that they're breaking up with you. You:
Are relieved! Phew! I didn't wanna mention that I've been having an affair for 6 months anyway!
Shrug and walk off. I really don't care either way.
Act mature but later stalk them until they lose their minds.
Stomp your foot and wail 'But I don't wanna break up!'
Tell them that they're lousy in bed and storm off.

Question 3:Would you rather be:
A donut?
Strawberry cheesecake?
Banana cream pie?
Chocolate cake?
Blueberry muffin?

Question 4:You think beauty in a relationship is:
Somewhat essential. It's what attracts you to someone initially but it's their personality and intellect that makes you fall in love with a person.
I like hot people.
Pretty important.
Do they have drugs?
A major bonus.

Question 5:Do you take drugs?
I used to take a lot of drugs in the past but I pretty much steer clear of them now.
If they're free, hell yeah!
Nah, not really.

Question 6:When it comes to food, you prefer:
Filet mignon.
Meat and potatoes.
Peaches and cream.
I barely eat enough to have a preference.
Big Mac.

Question 7:Are you a perfectionist?
Yes, everything has to be perfect when I work really hard on something.
Well, if I like something, I really don't care if someone else doesn't think it's perfect.
Somewhat. I try to please other people.
Nah not really.

Question 8:You're walking down the street when you almost get hit by a car. You:
Are outraged! You threaten the driver with a law suit and cause a huge ruckus.
Reach into the car and beat up the driver.
Accept the driver's apology but later stalk them until they lose their minds.
Crumple to the ground and pretend you have internal injuries.
Tell the driver they need to be more careful next time and continue on your way.

Question 9:When it comes to movies, you prefer:
Anything that has a lot of thought. Independent films or movies that have a profound underlying message for the viewer.
Anything that's funny.
Anything. I'm not picky.
I'm usually too drunk or stoned to follow the plot of a movie.
Action, comedy, suspense... Anything but romance.

Question 10:At a party, you're usually the one:
Getting extremely irritated at everyone's drunken stupidity.
Stealing all the beer.
Sitting the in the corner quietly watching everyone.
Passed out on the floor.
Pretending to have a conversation with someone but you're really just trying to get them in bed.

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