Which member of Spinal Tap are you?
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Which member of Spinal Tap are you?

Deep down inside, or maybe right on the surface, everyone's different-aren't they? We all have a warm spot in our hearts for the members of Spinal Tap. So which one are you more like? I don't know-take the test and find out

Question 1:You're backstage before a show. What are you doing?
Getting all worked up because everything needs folded
A variety of Eastern chants to cleanse your spirit before the show
Having your new special friend wash your hair
Mendicino Rocket Fuel
Putting your nose in where it doesn't belong

Question 2:What's your first thought when the show goes wrong
What we need is a new look
It's your f@$%!ing wife!
Are we going to do it again tomorrow?
Where's my pancakes?
I do not think the problem was that the *band* was off, I'll tell you that much.

Question 3:What sort of song are you most likely to write/sing?
I'm not really the sort to write music.
Something about sex, or money. What else is there, really?
Something gritty, and bluesy.
I haven't written any music per se. But if I did it would probably involve off tune screeching.
Songs of longing, dreams, and mystery. Whether or not it makes sense.

Question 4:How mature do you consider yourself?
The thing about rock'n'roll, is it keeps you young.
I think the pipe says it all.
Someone has to be an adult in this organization.
Gumby's really the perfect person, y'know?
What was the question? I'm sorry, I was destroying galaxies.

Question 5:The perfect outfit would contain:
I think Dr. Frankenstein and that monster of his had a lot of good fashion sense
Yellow trousers. And an exact replica of my insides.
Olivia Newton-John's cast offs
Spandex, anything goes with spandex

Question 6:The album cover isn't *exactly* what you were hoping for, what do you do?
Be reasonable. Surely there's a mistake
Blame Ian. You hate Ian.
Get very angry and have a diva moment
What's wrong with the album cover?
Make note of the positive aspects, even if that means stating the obvious

Question 7:What will most likely be your legacy?
Your amplifiers went to eleven.
The genius idea to book a metal band at an air force base.
If it weren't for music you'd probably have gone 'a bit stupid'
The way you balanced the two musical visionaries in the band
Your hair, and your leadership abilities-such as they are

Question 8:What are your plans for a solo career?
Christian rock, that's where the big money is these days
I hadn't really thought about it-long as I'm onstage
Something over which I have complete creative control.
I have a solo album planned, and I have been experimenting with this Mach piece...
Would be nice to finish Saucy Jack, I guess I'd do that

Question 9:Your biggest musical influence?
Jeff Beck, well his hair anyway
Yoko Ono
Session musicians, can't name any, but there were some greats I'm sure
I think it's not so much influence as reference. Some would say Robert Plant or something, but, we were at it way before he was
Art school, changed my life, really

Question 10:Yet another gig's been cancelled. How do you react?
Draw up the band's astrology
Try to calm the frazzled nerves of those around you
Sulk,, and whine
Take the time to find new and interesting drugs
Watch cartoons

Question 11:The best way to pay homage to the King is by
Singing harmony
Adding a raga beat
Combining that raga beat with the sounds of a barbershop quartet
Not going
Falling asleep in the Jungle Room and being escorted out by security

Question 12:What would you like on your tombstone?
He started out as a drummer
Now they can go to infinity
Here lies -----. And why not?
F#@^! my ex-wife's lawyer
She might've meant well

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