Which Queen Member Am I?

Take this test and find out whether you are Freddie Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon or Roger Taylor. Even if you've never wondered about this, or you stumbled upon this quiz by accident, it might be fun to know, you know? And if you're a fan, well, you have to do it! Try it now!

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    My primary instrument is...
    My primary instrument is...

Comments (28)


1124 days ago
38% Roger, 25% Brian, 25% Deaks and 13% Freddie! I often think I'm a cross between Rog and Bri
1142 days ago
I got 25%on every one
1155 days ago
I deserve death I’ve received information that I’m only 38% John deacon I’m so very sorry
1166 days ago
I'm 31% Roger Tylor, 31% Freddie Mercury, 25% Brian May and 18% John Deacon.
I love Roger Tylor and Freddie Mercury!!!!!!!!!!
1181 days ago
I am only 81% John Deacon. I have failed our lord and saviour. I will make cheese on toast as an apology.
1324 days ago
I am disgusted, I am repulsed, I dedicate my whole life to our lord and savior John Deacon,
and THIS is the thanks I get? So happy I got John!
1352 days ago
John Deacon are Lord and SAVIOR, we shall make you cheese sandwiches whenever you will please
1391 days ago
i only got 86 perecent john deacon. ive failed you almighty deacy. cool quiz.