What's Your Beatles song?
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What's Your Beatles song?

Alright, here's my second quiz...slightly better than the first...do let me know how I'm doing.

Question 1:How are you doing with your girlfriend/boyfriend?
I'm always worried that he/she would leave me without warning.
He/she keeps on flirting with that guy, in front of everybody, and it's driving me insane
Fine, but he/she has to be more generous with his/her wallet
We're not together anymore. She's changed a lot. I wonder if he/she ever liked me, or if he/she was just messing with me...
I'm trying to open him/her to public displays of affection.

Question 2:What type of song do you prefer?
Hard rock!
Cross between bossa nova and samba rhythms, in a blues square
Silly, heavy, basic chords, maybe almost country
Rock 'n' Roll-ish, but with weird cool harmonies
Good ole blues.

Question 3:What's the key instrument in your song?
Guitar, duh!
Electric bass, for a change
Two guitars

Question 4:Any background vocals?
No, the vocal's all in unison
Two, in thirds of course, repeating the title of the song
Yes, two annoying harmony vocals in thirds that repeat everything I say ! (everything I say!)
Two, sixths, they echo me when I say the title of the song

Question 5:Who's the lead singer?
John, but he's more contained, with Paul and George again.
Paul alone, but he's irrecognizable, because he's practically shouting
Paul, with John and George in the background vocals
John. His sexy crooning is perfect for these blues! Paul and George do the background vocals.

Question 6:How do you feel now?
Needy, misunderstood
Needy, confident
Betrayed, anxious, impatient
Betrayed, foolish, confused

Question 7:Pick your favorite songs out of these (they won't be in the results)?
Act Naturally, When I'm Sixty-Four
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
Yesterday, Another Girl
Kansas City, Baby You're A Rich Man
Helter Skelter, Wild Honey Pie

Question 8:The title of your song is...
Something you want
A time you want to go back to
A suggestion to him/her
A plead to him/her
An order to him/her

Question 9:People say you're too...

Question 10:What's the most important thing for you in a relationship?
sex all the way!
dough :P

Question 11:Are you still in love with him/her?
No. I used to be, and I do want him/her to come back, but I just don't understand him/her.
That's not the point. The point is that he/she's bruising my ego and has to stop!
Well...he/she loves me...he/she's got dinero, so...
I don't know, but I really wanna f*ck him/her
Yes. She/he better not cheat on me or else...

Question 12:What's the song you like the least? (These won't appear in the results either)
Happiness Is A Warm Gun. It's too complicated for me.
Norwegian Wood. It's just too slow, and meaningless.
Please Please Me. Only wussies beg their girls/guys like that!
Within You Without You. Too meaningful for me. I like to keep it simple and straight forward.
I Need You. It's a load of bull.

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