What is your favourite alternative rock/punk/metal band?

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This quiz is for people who enjoy alternative music! Me (a gender confused, sexuality confused, depressed, emo/punk/goth, 14 year old, suicidal, stuck in 2004, anime lover who also enjoys drawing) is very into music, (sorry for the shit grammar) I listen to it every day. I like all different types of music like punk, metal (from nu-metal like Linkin Park to black metal like Infant Annihilator), k-rock/j-rock, j-metal/k-metal and many more, so if you are like me then this quiz is just for you!

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    What genre do you find yourself listening to most?

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82 days ago
395 days ago
There was no feature of Disturbed, the band I grew up with. I'd give this test a 7/10 for it being entertaining to read though lolundefined
592 days ago
You got me right!I'm crazy about Linkin Park!YAY!
622 days ago
it wasnt too bad but like, there wasnt rly any punk in there
1025 days ago
No Man Linkin Parks my Favourite Not My Chemical Romance
1089 days ago
U r right though, Behemoth was the only black metal band listed on there. Cannibal Corpse is kinda black metal and sounds like it, but yea ur right it's mostly death metal.
1103 days ago
I get it. And I'm sorry if I sounded rude or anything.
1111 days ago
Hey Bay, I didn`t mean anything bad by my comment, I just wanted to point out the mistakes. You`re right though, maybe I just ``judged`` too fast, although that wasn`t my intention.
1129 days ago
Calm down guys, she is a human being. Also Wyatt, you don't know if she's into metal or not. A poser that think that their a true metalhead would not even though these bands at all. She even knows some ones that some people don't even know. Great quiz btw!
1142 days ago
The bands that you listed in question 6 are not punk, the only black metal band in question 11 is Behemoth, the rest of them are death metal. Nice quiz, by the way, it`s a shame you have to choose an answer to all, even though you`re not into rock/emo/whatever
1151 days ago
What is your favourite alternative rock/punk/metal band?
Hmmmmmm, let me think...Slipknot maybe or Linkin Park...I'm only pulling your leg, it's obviously some crazy metal band like Cattle Decapitation or something like that, you let your anger out in your music and you smile at old people across the road, you show people you are caring and exited to talk, it may be hard to open up for you but it's the right thing to do, trust me. Love yourself as you love others!
1294 days ago
for question 6, none of the bands you listed were punk rock