Which band are you?
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Which band are you?

Find out which band you are, and be smug about it. Or not, as the case may be.

Question 1: Do you ever take drugs?
No, it's bad press
No, I want to stay in control
Hell yes
Too stoned, ask later
No, I look about 12 so no-one will sell to me

Question 2: What is your attitude to the media?
I love them... without them I'd just be a pathetic nobody. Hey, wait!
I perversely enjoy getting drunk for the cameras at award ceremonies.
I lie to them constantly
Media? You mean like that photographer we beat up the other night?
I've always been immature. Having people film it is just the icing on the cake.

Question 3: What is your music mostly about?
It's not really mine, some other guy writes it for me.
I write what I think people want to hear.
I write about my experiences, but tone it down a bit.
I write down what I'm too scared to tell my therapist.
I write exactly what I think, and that's why it's all about sex and death.

Question 4: How would you describe your music?
My music is my life. No really, if it wasn't for that I'd still be a hairdresser. Even if it's not strictly my music...
It's so fucking brilliant I fucking have to add gratuitous fucking swearing to mask the motherfucking content. Limp bizkit style!
It's like being beaten over the head with Nietzsche books. Hardback of course.
If they knew that 'Sister Ray' actually happened I'd be in jail...
I can't remember. Ask tomorrow.

Question 5: What do you think of society?
Without it there'd be no record labels and I'd be lynched. I LIKE society.
It's dragging me into a gaping morass of drugs and depression.
Not sure, ask tomorrow. Oh, my head...
I don't know, they haven't let me out of this cell since the 'accident'.
Society sucks, but don't ask me to be intelligent about it

Question 6:Can you actually play an instrument?
Yes, I can play the harmonica a bit. You see, I really do have artistic integrity!
Yes, of course. Um... do hats count?
Yeah, but I don't carry one on stage in case I have another spasm.
No, I need both hands free so I can look suitably dramatic while I sing...
I can, but they won't let me have one. They say I could hurt someone with it.

Question 7: Where do you get your inspiration from?
My song writers.
The Spark's burn maker.
I look at a lot of Bosch paintings.
I take drugs you've never even heard of and write whatever comes into my head
I watch Beavis and Butthead sometimes

Question 8: Are you in any way punk?
Well I saw Sum 41 on Top of the pops last night, they were good...
No, I need my turntable. It makes me feel big
I started punk, you pathetic worm!
My misery is too great to fit in any one genre.
Yes, in fact I'm the band who made it SUCK

Question 9: What is your general message?
I want to make everyone as miserable as I am
I like making fart jokes
fuck you, mofo. We don't fucking need a message.
Drugs and murder can be fun
Message? I just like freaking people out...

Question 10:Do you have enough money to buy Canada?
Yes, but I'm spending it all on hats
I won't need to buy it when I am Dark Overlord
I spend all my cash on smack and new guitars
I can't even afford to live in a cardboard box
I only got famous after I died, so no

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