What musical instrument are you?
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What musical instrument are you?

Take this test to find out which instrument you really are...

Question 1:How loud are you?
I'm always loud.
I can be loud when I want to, but I can also be soft.
I'm normally soft.
I'm a big softy.

Question 2:How low is your voice for your gender?
I'm going through puberty and my voice is always changing.
My voice is usually average.
I have a low voice.
I have a high voice.

Question 3:Which description best describes you?
Constant and steady
Star of the show
Insightful and important
In the background

Question 4:If you were at a party, you would...
Be the DJ, or by yourself
Be the life of the party.. everyone would know who you are
Be in the background keeping things real
Mix in with the crowd

Question 5:What is your dream job?
Owning a power plant
Working in the entertainment industry
Manual labor
A desk job at a company

Question 6:Can you sing very well?
I can't really sing at all.
I have a very flashy voice and can easily sing lead.
I have sort of an odd voice, but I can still carry a tune.
I have a dull voice, and I am well suited as a backup singer.

Question 7:What kind of car do you drive, or would you drive if you could?
An old van
An expensive sporty car
Any safe and reliable car
Whatever everyone else is driving

Question 8:What is your favourite color?

Question 9:People usually think of me as...
A shoulder to cry on
Cool, but not trendy

Question 10:Are you a musician?
Not really
Yes, very much so
Yes, but I would never admit it
Maybe, but I've never tried to be

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