What Band Instrument Are You?
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What Band Instrument Are You?

Dedicated to all the loyal band geeks out there...are you a flute, or do you feel more at ease with the tubas?

Question 1:So...What is your choice of sound range?
Sound range?
As low as possible!
You know, I'm content with anything

Question 2:What do you look like when you play?
Your cheeks puff out when you blow and when you breathe in it sounds as if you are a drowning man gasping for life
the same listless, bored expression as always
Your lips aren't puckered but you still move along to the songs...consistently
You face tends to get red quick because of all the high notes you try to hit
Puckered lips, and with every note and phrase you feel the urge to move along with it

Question 3:What do people think of you?
They think I'm egotistical...can I help it if I'm the best?
They think I'm nuts.
They think I'm flighty and a perfectionist
They think I'm annoying
They think I'm funny...but very unreliable

Question 4:If you were an animal, what would you be?
A duck
A bird
A bear
I'd be all of them
A stallion

Question 5:During measures of rest in the music, what are you doing?
Waiting for the conductor to cue me. I'm supposed to count?
Either talking with the players in your section, desperately asking around to see if anyone near you knows the measure number, or as a last resort are praying that the conductor will cue you
Counting like a fiend...perfectly
Glaring at the guy next to you who screwed up your perfect high note by missing the partial
Watching the conductor with my instrument primly in my lap, awaiting my next chance to shine

Question 6:How interesting are your parts in music?
Generally half notes and whole notes, with the occasional eighth note thrown in to make it interesting...but when I DO have the melody, then by golly, you're gonna know about it!
it gets kinda confusing...what with all the stuff I gotta play
Trills, runs, and wonderful melodies
My part's always a melody...even if it's not
The perfect mix of melodies, harmonies, and background

Question 7:What is the predominant sex in your section?
People think it would be guys, but there are girls too
An even mixture
Mostly girls...and the guys tend to be gay (or they sometimes seem it...)
Several egotistical guys and smart girls to balance things out
Mostly guys, but normally there are girls present to keep them together and in line

Question 8:What is your favorite thing to do in band?
Continuously prove the endless limits of your instrument's annoying sound
Hit stuff and people
Keep playing after the conductor cuts us off so that everyone can see how good I am
Throw things down each other's bell, and then emit raucous laughter that draws everyone's attention to your section
See how many band members I can make cringe with the note I play

Question 9:What is your dynamic range?
I have the perfect dynamic range...I can be soft when needed, and loud when necessary
It depends what I'm playing on
It's moderate at best
It's not that great
Loud, Louder, and Loudest

Question 10:What is your motto?
Perfection is Possible
Sound doesn't matter
Size doesn't matter
Hakuna Matata!
Loudness = Quality

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