What Kind of Band Instrument are you?
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What Kind of Band Instrument are you?

Question 1:   You're going out to dinner with friends. Who decides where to eat?
I get to eat? Yay!
Uh, whatever, dude.
We narrow our options down to several choices, then take a vote.
I do. I'm the one who makes all the decisions.
It doesn't matter, I'm cool with anything.

Question 2:   Do teachers pick you to answer questions in class?
They don't have to! I shout out the answer and add my own long, impressive explanations.
Of course! I always sit front and center, and am the first to raise my hand with an answer.
Nah. I'm always in the back of the room, making paper airplanes.
Uh, nuh-uh. But they always yell at me for tapping on my desk.

Question 3:   Do you like being the center of attention?
No! No! Please, give me something to hide behind!
No, I'd rather just be one of several people in a group.
Yes! It's all about me all the time!
Uh, I'm the coolest. People want to watch me.
It's great for a few minutes, but then I like to retreat into the background.

Question 4:   What's your favorite part of school?
Giving presentations in front of everybody.
Checking out the cute girls/guys.
Talking with my friends between classes or passing notes.

Question 5:   How do you work out?
However I feel like.
I take dance/ gymnastics.
I like to lift weights/stretch out at the gym in front of people.
I run, speeding up and slowing down at random.
Work out? As opposed to work in?

Question 6:   You registered late for classes, and now you're stuck taking drama. How will you help out with the upcoming school play?
Uh, maybe build stuff...?
I can't decide between costuming and hair and make up!
I can paint the scenery.
Help? Baby, I'm gonna be the star!
I'll be an extra.

Question 7:   If you had five seconds to think of one word to describe yourself:
Just one word? Really? Because I'm nice, and I'm fun to be around, and everyone likes me (not that I necessarily like them...)

Question 8:   Why do many people dislike you?
Chances are pretty good that I accidentally ran into them at some point.
I have a short attention span. Now what did you want to know?
If other people dislike me, then I think maybe they have some issues of their own that they should go work on.
They're just jealous because I'm always right.
Dislike me? No way. I am smooth!

Question 9:   Do you prefer plaid or polka dots?
I look sexier in plaid.
I believe that both options present an opportunity to make a respectable fashion statement.
Who cares?
It doesn't matter. Whichever I pick is gonna be the next trend!
Uh, plaid is that stuff with the funny lines, right?

Question 10:   How do members of the opposite sex feel about you?
I don't do too well in this department.
I'm a charmer.
Well, there is that cute boy in English, and that exchange student in math, but I'm not sure if either of them actually knows I exist...
Ha. Chicks dig me.
Well, they notice me, that's for sure.

Question 11:   When your kid sis can't do her homework:
I explain everything to her while braiding her hair.
I dunno. She usually helps me when I have trouble.
She knows to come to me, because I'm always reminding her how well I did in her grade.
She bakes me cookies to bribe me to do it for her.
She has me call the teacher to explain that there's been a terrible emergency, and my sis needs an extension.

Question 12:   You're broke, so you...
Change the way I walk to class, so I won't go past those vending machines anymore.
Write about it in my diary.
Ask my parents for money.
Get a job.
Enter a star search contest. That ten grand is mine.

Question 13:   When you were in elementary school, all of your teachers wrote this comment on your progress reports:
Very popular.
Rarely completes assignments on time.
Bright, but overly talkative.
A pleasure to have in class.
Slow to learn, but is making progress.

Question 14:   Your sleeping patterns are like this:
I snore loudly.
Average, I guess.
I talk in my sleep.
I sleep normally.
I sleep like a rock.

Question 15:   Your ideal significant other would:
Be hot.
Appreciate what an awesome person I am!
Be fun to be around.
Be a real live human.
Call me everyday, bring me gifts, compliment me, cheer me up if I'm feeling down...

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