What "Popular/Stereotypical" Music Genre Are You?

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This is just a quiz on which stereotypical music genre you would fit into. I would not take this personally, because this is obviously just for fun. The genres will be: Classical, Country, Rap/Pop, Rock, Reggae/Other, and I think that's all I'll do. Have fun, don't get offended, and let's hope you get your genre.:)

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    To start this off: How do you dress?

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585 days ago
You know, I took this quiz fully expecting to get, like, rock, the genre I listen to almost every waking moment of my existence, but I got country. And I'm fine with that. I listen to Metallica, Slipknot, Architects, anything heavy, really. Yet, despite this, I still like country. Not the country being bashed in the comments, though. Real country. Country with emotion, story, and an impact message. Not some tractor-loving, beer drinking, hillbilly of which make up almost all the genre today. So everyone bashing country, stop. Take a listen to someone like George Straight, not Old Country Road (NOT a country song, btw) and give it a chance. You may just like it, especially if you like rock, as there are many, many similarities.
673 days ago
i thought id get rock or something,but i got country,and that doesnt mean i have to like it,so calm down.its just for fun
774 days ago
Give country a chance, there's a little bit for everyone
805 days ago
Country?! Eeeew! My least favorite are k pop, gospel, and COUNTRY! Bleh.
914 days ago
Yes Freddie Mercury!!! Im-a is so proud of you meh child!!!
921 days ago
@254mars girl I got the same thing lmao I'm so confused. But tbh I feel like a kpop/jpop type, just cuz it's my thing. :/
953 days ago
You, my dude, not the Rap/Pop group. You probably have a lot of "friends" who share the same music taste, which is ultimately good. You're probably pretty optimistic and tend to see the lighter side of things. If this is not your genre, then it really doesn't matter, this is a quiz anyways.

So what's my genre? I didn't do this for nth
1083 days ago
Okay. Lmao i know its weird but everyone here (including myself) believed to get country. I agree i am more of heavymetal gothic dark " type of person but dont go off at the person who made it. It even says 'its just a test, dont be offended if you didnt get the one you want'
1207 days ago
What the frickkkkk was this!?!?!?I know that these are not not accurate,but oh my it gave me country!Thats in my top two least favorites.I like rock the best, and remember,God gave Rock’n’Roll 2 you!
1259 days ago
i got country ewwwwwwwwwwwww
1297 days ago
Ummmmm….. I think I'm more classical than country. At least Taylor Swift is half country. I like pop music the most.