Which Garth Brooks song represents your philosophy about life?
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Which Garth Brooks song represents your philosophy about life?

Garth has written many songs that make a statement about life. Everything from The Dance to Papa Loved Momma. Some serious, some not. Try this survey and see which song fits your life.

Question 1:Your boss at work asks you to do something that you think is wrong and possibly even illegal... you...
... do it and figure you can use it as leverage for that big raise you want.
... do it because it's your job, but feel really guilty. Go out later and drink.
... refuse to do it and report him to the authorities.
... tell him to kiss your wranglers. Open the door and on the way out and say really loudly 'I sure hope your test comes back negative. I hear penicillian can clear it up though.' so that everyone in the office can hear.

Question 2:Your significant other tells you that you're getting fat, you...
... agree to go on a diet, with the deal that they help you buy a whole new wardrobe.
... go out with your pals to vent and drown your sorrows.
... agree, knowing that they just want you to be healthy and love you.
... dump them. Lose 20 lbs. anyway and find someone better.

Question 3:You win $1 million in the lottery, you...
... spend some having fun, invest the rest.
... retire.
... invest some, give some to family and friends, donate the rest to charity.
.... live it up! Have kick ass parties and do all the things you've always wanted to do.

Question 4:If you had to pick one of the following past-times, which would it be?
Beach Bum
Starving Artist
Party Animal

Question 5:If you were granted one wish, what would it be for?
world peace

Question 6:Your ideal mate
... is one that will help you succeed in life.
... enjoys the things in life that you do.
... is pure of heart and a good person.
... loves you for what you are and won't try to change you.

Question 7:Your idea of a good time...
... involves expensive cars, jewellery, and the best that money can buy.
... is relaxing on a tropical beach with a cold drink.
... is a long cruise with a loved one.
... involves, lots of beer, friends, good music, and not being able to remember it the next day!

Question 8:Pick a favorite animal...
Champion racehorse
Hound dog

Question 9:When someone disagrees with you, you...
... have a beer and ignore them.
... have some beer with your friends and complain to them about the other person.
...buy them a beer and listen to their side.
... drink your beer and then break the bottle over their stubborn head.

Question 10:You think the internet is...
... a great way to buy stuff.
... a great way to find people to talk to and share your problems with.
... a place to find friend and share ideas about life.
... a place where you waste your time doing stupid quizzes that don't mean crap!

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