Which Song Are You?
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Which Song Are You?

Which of Kameeka's favorite songs are you?

Question 1:Pick a style of song:
Rock with sweet vocals.
Smash Broadway hit!
Alternative rock with a little yelling.
Upbeat ska.
80's pop sensation. Rawr.

Question 2:What's your outlook on life?
I'm just waiting.
I think everyone needs to relax.
I gave my foolish heart away, and now I am bitter.
I am the eternal optimist.
I am content, but not perfectly happy.

Question 3:How do you make Kameeka feel?
She feels wistful and a little forlorn.
She gets more hyper and thinks about summer.
She feels hopeful and she has more strength.
She feels flushed, her heart beats faster, and she gets butterflies.
She feels calm and chilled out.

Question 4:Are you a good song to make out to?
Not really, I'm a little odd.
Heh. If you're weird, then yeah.
Um. No.

Question 5:So, it's a special day for you and your significant other. What do you do?
Take her to the carnival and win her the big stuffed animals, and give her a sweet kiss goodnight.
Confess your love for them, then take them on an exotic getaway.
Write them a long letter/poem, then take them on a picnic in a meadow of flowers.
Bring them wine (and if it's a girl, flowers), fix them a romantic dinner, and sing to them.
Take her out to a nice restaurant and then bring them back to your place.

Question 6:Pick a line from a song.
I'm not sleeping and you're not here- the thought stops my heart.
How do you do it- make me feel like I do? How do you do it? It's better than I ever knew.
Can you hear- the bells are ringing? (far, far away) Can you hear the voices singing (far, far away.)
Put down your knitting, your book and your broom- it's time for a holiday, yeah!
There's such a fool heart, beating so fast- in search of new dreams; a love that will last.

Question 7:What did you get your mom for Mother's day last year?
I got her a bunch of flowers and the new book she wanted.
I wrote her a very sentimental thank you note, and I gave her a beautiful painting.
I got her a great diamond necklace that she loves.
I was a little wrapped up in other things- I sort of forgot. So I gave her a card.
I got her a glass of vintage wine and a day at the spa.

Question 8:What is one job that you would hate to have?
An accountant.
A doctor.
A judge.
A garbage man.
A teacher.

Question 9:What is the one thing that you could do forever?

Question 10:How do you love?
I am a passionate person, but I have trouble expressing it.
Casually, with a lot of sex and a little romance.
Long-distance romances seem to occur quite often.
Sweetly and slowly, I am little shy, but if I fall in love then it will last.
I give my heart away to every person I think I love.

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