What song are you?
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What song are you?

Do you ever wonder which cool popular song you are? Then take this quiz!

Question 1:You have just gotten back from math and are now going to social studies. You are:
kissing a guy/girl that you hardly even know.
dreaming about your crush. Ohhh those abs!!!!
Singing, acting, any kind of performing art that gets others' attention.
Playing a practical joke on a friend.

Question 2:Do you have a steady boyfriend/girlfriend?
I wish!!!
Yes, but you suspect them of cheating.
No, but I have a crush I WANT to be my boy/girl.
No, but it's not my fault everyone thinks I'm too crazy!
Yes, and we're gonna have sex!!!

Question 3:A guy/girl who you don't even know, but is nevertheless hot asks you out. You say:
"No, I already have a boy/girl."
"Sorry I'm waiting for my crush to ask me out."
"OMG yes!"
"Maybe I could see you and my boy/girl at the same time!"

Question 4:Your friends say that you are:
Desperate for love.
A person who knows what she/he wants.

Question 5:Your friends dare you to prank call the dorky kid from class. You:
Don't prank call him/her cause you are thinking of going out with him/her.
Are so busy thinking that you don't hear them.
Specialize in prank-calling.
Are the dorky kid being prank-called.
Stand up for yourself and say, "NO!"

Question 6:Your grades are mostly:
Mostly A's and B's, a few C's and D's.
Straight F's.
D's and F's. Hey, your going through a tragedy here!
Straight A's.

Question 7:You ask your crush out. He/she says that he/she will never go out with you, even if you two were the last people on earth. You:
Don't care. Your life's enough of a tragedy as it is.
Are not surprised. You are way too crazy anyway.
Cry. It's hopeless. Now you'll NEVER get a boy/girl!!!
Analyze what went wrong. You really liked this person!
Are determined to get him/her back.

Question 8:You want to be an actor, but you know it's a hard job to get. You:
Don't want to act! You want to play the french horn or do theater tech!
Give up and have a new ambition.
Will do whatever it takes to become an actor.
Dream about it.
Try to send an actor an email on their fanpage so you can be in their next movie.

Question 9:Your favorite band/singer is:
Michelle Branch
Christina Agulera, Pink, Lil Kim, AND Mya.
Matchbox 20
I dunno.
Avril Lavigne

Question 10:What's your favorite song?
I'm Not Crazy.
The Remedy.
I'm With You.
Lady Marmalade.

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