Which Darryl Worley song are you?
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Which Darryl Worley song are you?

Which song from my Darryl Worley cd are you(Have you Forgotten).

Question 1:   Describe yourself:
Fun and a little lazy
Political and deep

Question 2:   What do you do in your free time?
Go away places and drink
Think about your old love life and demand your lover back
Think about major tragedies and visit soldiers

Question 3:   What was the saddest part of your life?
Being dumped
911/ similar tragedy
Being fired

Question 4:   Who is your hero?
My ex
Someone who gets to relax

Question 5:   What is your ambition?
To have my old love life back
For people to realise the war was justified
To have time off work to go away and drink

Question 6:   What don't you like?
Being dumped
People who are ignorant about the war/ protesters

Question 7:   What do you talk about most?
My ex
Fun things
Politics/major tragedies

Question 8:   What do you think of politics?
I stick with Bush/I'm a Republican
It's a little complex- I prefer having fun
What does my ex think?

Question 9:   Do you like to dance?
Only with my ex
Not really
Yeah: it's fun!

Question 10:   What's your lovelife like?
I want my ex back
I don't like to be tied down
I lost a loved one in a major tragedy/ I'm thinking about more important things right now

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