~*~ What Song Best Describes Us? ~*~ For couples

You know those couples who say, "It's our song!" when "Love Me Tender" or some other song comes on? Well, you can be one of them! Get your own song - take my "Songs That Describe Us" quiz. You could try some others on this site.

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    When you get angry, do you:
    When you get angry, do you:

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202 days ago
save a life. everyone's getting it
228 days ago
I got
I don't feel dancing by scissor sister
233 days ago
how to save a life by the Fray. Never heard of it, but I’ll give it a go.
914 days ago
I got the Fray how to save a life
973 days ago
i got scissor sister.
1003 days ago
its true im very happy
1003 days ago
I got I dont feel like dancing by the scissor sisters
1017 days ago
Um I got how to save a life, I never listen to the song ever. And I’m “sentistive” idk bye
1041 days ago
I got how to save a life, what? I see a couple repeats though
1048 days ago
wow, would yah look at that...]
1054 days ago
I got just lose it by Eminem xD Am I really that bottled up with emotions xD
1056 days ago
1067 days ago
Well I got how to save a life from the fray and I love them but the song just doesn’t fit me XD atm i be listening to a song called El Tango De Roxanne because this song speaks to my inner artist
1069 days ago
This is so not true! I am a little bit sensitive omg lol!
1079 days ago

1096 days ago
I'm absolutely not sensitive. This is a big floop
1113 days ago
eminem.. Just lose it
1118 days ago
I got how to save a life. One of my faves
1122 days ago
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by the Scissor Sisters
1143 days ago
22 talor swift my fav