That Thing You Do! quiz
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That Thing You Do! quiz

Which character from the movie 'That Thing You Do!' are you? Take the quiz to find out if you are Faye, Jimmy, Lenny, or Guy!

Question 1:You have just started a band(with vocals) in Erie, PA(that's Pennsylvania for all you smart ones out there!) Which role do you take?
lead vocals and guitar
background vocals and guitar
no vocals, only percussion
by-stander and helper to the group

Question 2:Have you found that special someone?
So many girls/guys, so little time!
Ya know, I guess they just wasn't right for me- they fell in love with their dentist!
We've been together for 2 1/2 years, and still going!
Well, they've been with me for quite awhile, it'd be kinds weird if they weren't around all the time. I guess you could say I'm used to them.

Question 3:While touring state fairs, others would know you as:
the costume mistress/mister(lol!) of the group
the person who started the whole band. You made up the songs, the name, everything...
You tell others you have a pig in competition and you are going to win that blue ribbon!!!
You follow your idols around, singing THEIR songs for them, which they listen to and then sarcastingly confess that you sing better than they do!

Question 4:To your manager, you would be seen as being:
the smart one
the fool
the talent

Question 5:Your top 10 band is going to be in the Hollywood showcase(that used to be on TV...)You react by:
starting to feel so nervous, you think you're going to be sick.
planning a trip to Vegas afterwards
getting the glamour treatment- clothes, hair, everything...
You forgot to set your alarm and was awakened by your manager calling you as a wake-up call.

Question 6:The lead singer of your band has a major break-up. You:
ARE the lead singer, and wish you would've dumped your girl/boy-friend in PA. They said you were engaged, but you were NOT! That's the last thing you need in the world.
say to you band-mate: 'Why couldn't you have dumped her/him in PA?!!'
say: 'Does that mean you're not going to lend me that $200 for Vegas?!'
WERE the lead singer's gf/bf, and tell them never to come near you again. Then you quietly leave the room before breaking into tears.

Question 7:Before the name of your band was decided, you thought the name should be:
you came UP with the One-ders, but it changed to the Wonders!
the Heardsmen or the Chordvettes
you had no vote. The name was decided before you joined the band.
You didn't really know, but once the name was decided, you DID point out quite a few times that 'the One-ders' looked like 'the O'Needers'!!!!

Question 8:Finally! The time comes to make another record.(remember this is based in 1964) You:
are no-where to be found. Only you know you're still Vegas.
are ready to rehearse and start recording
quit the band. You are NOT going to record YOUR hit song in Spanish, and you are only going to perform which songs YOU want!
aren't even PART of the bad! If they must know, you're packing up your things at the hotel.

Question 9:The band suddenly breaks apart and is labeled 'the one hit Wonders'. What do you plan on doing now?
I'm going to continue to play, maybe with some famous musicians I befriended. Then I will start a music school and teach there.
I will help found the music school and be a permanent West-coaster!
I'm going back to Erie and starting a new band(which will later be called the Heardsmen, and will go on to make 3 platinum gold records!)
I stayed in Vegas, and am the manger of the Golden Eagle Hotel and Casino!

Question 10:Which of these would you consider yourself?
a perfect gentleman(for the guys...)or well-mannered lady
a very talented person with lots of ideas
a sweet person, caring, and love-able
a funny and exciting person

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