Which Mist Woods Chick Are You?
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Which Mist Woods Chick Are You?

This will tell you which Mist Woods Character you most like. But note these are only the good characters. So don't suspect to be any evil ones.

Question 1:What is your style in clothes? (round to the nearest one for your score at the end.)
Comfortable and stylish
Nothing revealing
Sexy, I want to show off my goods.

Question 2:How would others describe you?
A sexy hot bitch!
I dunno... I don't care.
A doormat.

Question 3:Your idea of fun is...
Renting movies and watching them with friends.
reading...yes you heard me correctly READING!!!!!
Mall. I shop til I drop

Question 4:When being put down by others you...
Try not to cry.
Ha! That's never happened and never ever will.
Insult them...I don't care who they are.

Question 5:Your friend was just rejected by some guy you...
Kick the guys ass!
Comfort them, take them out for a girls night, followed by a sleep over with tons of ice cream.
Reassure them that they are pretty even more the me (which isn't true.)

Question 6:If someone told you vampires existed how would you react?
Vamps? Where? Let me kill them!
Yea right, nice try but I'm not falling for that.
Ooooh I hate vampires hate hate hate hate hate! Because they are evil (and start to name the reason why you hate them.)

Question 7:How do you see yourself?
Spunky and a true friend,
Sweet and a good friend.
A hot mother fucker that every guy wants to sleep with and a perfect friend.

Question 8:What do you look for in the guy of your dreams?
Hottie hottie hottie hottie hottie hottie hottie hottie...
Someone I can't have...I love a challenge.
The guys who seems to make the room brighter whenever they walk in.

Question 9:How do you spend most of your nights?
Homework, reading and internet.
Working up a sweat at the dance club...but of course I don't sweat.
Playing with my little sister...I love her soooo much!

Question 10:What's the first thing you think of when wake up in the morning?
Oh god...no...me want sleep.
6:04 a.m.?! Oh no...I over slept. ahhh!
God I'm gorgeous.

Question 11:What do you wish for?
For there to be no such thing as clicks.
For everyone else see my talent the way I do.
Happiness for my friends.

Question 12:What do you fear?
Becoming a vampire.
Dying...I'm so beautiful it would be a shame.
Being alone and unloved.

This Quiz has been designed by Mary.