What 3rd edition Dnd class would you be?
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What 3rd edition Dnd class would you be?

If you ever wanted to know whether you'd be a wizard, a rogue, a fighter, or a bard, this is the quiz for you! Unless you are a nerd, like me, you will probably hate this test!

Question 1:If you were trapped in a locked room,what would you do?
Break down the door
Try to pick the lock of the door
Logically try to think of a way of escaping without force
Try to remember how ancient heroes handled situations like this

Question 2:If someone seriously insulted you, what would you do?
Try to diplomatically leave the situation
Threaten them so they'll back off
Act exactly like Telamachus ( a greek hero) would
Hypnotize them and run

Question 3:If falling off a tall building, what would you do?
Pray that fate will save you
Take out your greek wings that Icarus used
Make sure you fall feet first so to take the least damage
Try to grab on to something you can hold on to

Question 4:If someone directly attacked you, what would you do to counter the threat?
Persuade them not to
Do whatever Hercules would do
Defend myself

Question 5:What is your general approach to life?
Finding the wisdom of the ages and implementing it
Inconspicuously sneaking through every situation
Conquering every challenge with brute force
Smarting your way through everything

Question 6:What do you think of yourself as?

Question 7:Okay, so someone tries to rob you. You:
Wrestle them and beat them
Trick them
Outsmart them
Do whatever Odysseus would do

Question 8:So you're trying to impress someone.You:
Sing them a song
Show them how smart you are
Show them how strong you are
Show them how well you can pass unnoticed

Question 9:What do you value most of these?
On your feet cunning
Musical talent
Strength and bravery

Question 10:When you die, how would you like others to know you?
Cunning and resourceful
Brave and undaunted
Wise and knowledgeable
A beautiful voice, outgoing

This Quiz has been designed by Martin Kelly.