Which council member are you?
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Which council member are you?

Well there are five council members, but which one are YOU most like?

Question 1:If you could live ANYWHERE, as long as it was one of the following five......
Washington State
New York State
London, England

Question 2:Pick an animal....
Snakes....particularly if called Spike

Question 3:What are you into?
Overseeing, co-ordinating and organising
Getting creative
Looking for new games and projects
Meeting new people
Investigating things and people

Question 4:Pick your ideal career from the following:
Fully paid up student
Video Store Worker
Postal Office Worker
Pharmacist's Assistant/Secretary
Lady of Leisure

Question 5:What colour is your hair?
Lightish Brown
Silvery white
Darker Brown but with red tones
Blonde....no red.....no pink.....no green.......no..........

Question 6:You talkative?
Do I ever shut up?
I'm pretty quiet I guess
When I'm around....
Can be
Yaha, but without being overbearing

Question 7:Are you a sadist? (in the making people wait for big news sense)
So people tell me.....constantly
No but I find myself being wound up by sadists......
No...never......nuh huh.....
Me? Not so much....

Question 8:You online nickname fits which description?
A reference to your interests or like
A reference to a real world nickname
Claiming you are an inanimate object (such as a soft drink)
A funky up twist on your real name
Not in english

Question 9:Who do you live with?
My mum and my dad and my sis and.....
My significant other
All by my own self
One close relative
My friend......and a load of animals

Question 10:Do you have a website either about or maintained by you?
I don't think I will ever be good at that complicated stuff
Currently learning how to make one, then maybe
Under construction.....
I plan to get one, someone else is making at it....
I have several......

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