What's your D&D Class?
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What's your D&D Class?

We've all heard of the classic D&D classes: fighter, wizard, cleric, paladin, or thief. Where do you fit in?

Question 1:What weapon do you prefer?

Question 2:How do you feel about evil?
A thing to profit from
A thing to kill
A thing to wipe out
A thing to overcome
A thing to study

Question 3:What is the best feat/ability?
Enlarge Spell
Sneak Attack
Extra Turning
Smite Evil

Question 4:How do you make your gold when not adventuring?
Selling my services as a healer
Selling my services as a constable
Selling my services as a scout
Selling my services as a tutor
Selling my services as a mercenary

Question 5:What is the best part of the treasure?
Anything with Magic
Magical Weapons
Magical Armor

Question 6:You are falsely accused of a crime! What do you do?
Hunt down the real perpetrator and make him/her suffer...
What do you mean falsely accused?
Use your blinding logic to confuse the jury and gain your freedom
Use your thorough knowledge of the legal system to defend yourself
Appeal to the mercy of the court

Question 7:What's your favorite opponent?
Anything Chaotic, Evil, and my CR!
Beholders that I challenge in duels of whit!
Orcs that I wade through like a knife through butter!
Deamons that threaten the innocent!
Anyone who doesn't see me coming!

Question 8:What's your favorite race?

Question 9:Is heavy armor worth the trouble?
No, they give me away!
No, it messes with my concentration!
Yes, it keeps me whole!
Yes, provided that they don't hinder my casting too much...
Sometimes, but I prefer medium armors...

Question 10:Why are taverns useful to adventurers?
I don't go near the places...
They provide a good place to make pocket(s) change...
They provide a good place to practice first-aid.
They provide a good source of information from fellow adventurers.
They provide a good place to get drunk!

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