Which Aq girl are you?
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Which Aq girl are you?

Find out which member of Aequitas you are most like.

Question 1:If you had mad fighting skills what style would you fight in?
Bar Room Brawler! You use your fist, foot, knee, head or anything on your body to inflict pain on your opponent. You like to use your surrounding to deliver the most severe punishing possible ex. Beer bottles, chairs, and anything else you can get your hands on.
Graceful Ass Kicking Machine! Your form of fighting looks as gentle and beautiful as a Russian ballet, but your opponents will soon discover you pack a mighty punch. Great balance and gracefulness allow you to evade and easily counter the attacks of your opponent.
Karate master all the way! You excel at all forms of Japanese martial arts. You seem to have the ability to defy gravity by running on walls and performing amazing aerial attacks.
Kickboxing Diva! You got cannons for upper arms and can knock your opponent out cold with one right hook. You know how to take a hit and can easily bounce back. If your opponent dodges your punches your kicks will surely K.O. them.
Lover not a fighter but I'll crack your teeth! You don't go charging into battles all berserker like. You study your opponent and look for weaknesses. You don't posses a lot of physical strength but you are fast and smart with your attacks.

Question 2:Your weapon of choice is?
My Car!
My humongous pain stick! (Japanese Sword)
Anything I can get my hands on!
Nothing can beat a trusty Desert Eagle.
I'd trust my life to my Sai's! (Japanese three pronged knives)

Question 3:You are on the 20th story of a building and a bomb is set to go off in 30 seconds what do you do?
Call for help and try to stop the bomb
Disarm the bomb; this stuff is easy.
Jump out of the window and use the window washer cables to bungee to safety.
Run for it, every girl for herself
Wait until the timer reaches 5 seconds and then throw the bomb out of the window.

Question 4:Describe your ideal man.
Loves kids, smart, funny, loves life.
Smart, Sensible, Protective, and Loving. Handsome.
Young, cute, funny, Partier!
Smart, Successful, Strong.
Does it have to be a man and if so just one?

Question 5:Two words to describe yourself.
Bitch, Sexy
Untrusting, Brave
Maternal, Caring
Disciplined, strict
Fun, naive

Question 6:If you were a Greek god who would you be?
War God
Messenger God
Sea God
Harvest Goddess

Question 7:If money were no object what kind of vehicle would you go about in?
Ninja Motorcycle
Sports Car
Bug Convertible

Question 8:What is your favorite color?

Question 9:Your Favorite pass-time.
Bar Hopping
Watching T.V.

Question 10:What do you want most?

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