Which Dearborn City Council Person Are You?
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Which Dearborn City Council Person Are You?

Question 1:What's the best thing about Dearborn?
The history
All of the restaurants
The great city services
All of the bars
The high home values created by strong neighborhoods

Question 2:If you could be a high school, which high school would you be?
Edsel Ford
St. Alphonsus
Divine Child

Question 3:When you're angry about something, how do you normally express yourself?
Blowing a gasket and hollering like hell
I don't get mad in public
Exercising, working out, or just pounding the crap out of something
Revenge, revenge, revenge
Sputtering out a few profanities

Question 4:On a scale of 1-10, how much do you dislike black people (1 being Jesse Jackson, 10 being David Duke)

Question 5:Which of these cable networks is most "you?"
The Food Network
The Discovery Channel
The Family Channel
The History Channel

Question 6:Which part of Europe would you most like to visit?
The hot, humid hills of the Mediterranean
Europe? No, I'm fine right here.
Poland, baby.
The swarthy hills of eastern Europe
The lovely hills of Ireland

Question 7:If you knew Dearborn was going to be blown up tomorrow, and you could save one thing, what would you save?
As many mugs and tapers from Bailey's Bar & Grill
The Italian-American Club building
As many white people as possible
A bushel of Buffalo Wings from Bailey's Bar & Grill
The Orville Hubbard Statue in front of City Hall

Question 8:You're at a party. What are you drinking?
Don't drink
Sippin' the hard stuff
Mixed drinks
Beer, and lots of it

Question 9:Which best describes your thoughts of Mayor Guido?
He's good, but he's no Orville Hubbard
He is a great mayor. Everything he does is great. Great.
He's a good man.
I'm glad that I know him, and even gladder that he knows who I am.
I disagree with him on a number of issues

Question 10:You're at a party, describe your typical experience.
I'm not really one for parties.
I seek out the most popular people and hang out with them
It seems I'm always surround by people.
I love mingling and talking to as many people as possible
I like to just hang to the side, drink and be with a certain group of people

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