Which BioPsyche Character are You Most Like?
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Which BioPsyche Character are You Most Like?

This is a quiz which will tell you which Biopsyche character you are most like. Try to answer these as honestly or a close as you can, you can cheat to get a certain character if you want, I don't really care, hehe. Well enjoy.

Question 1:You're out at night and you friends just left you to take the street down to their house. SO you're alone... But you have this really horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. And it's not going away, it's like you KNOW something's going to happen. What do you do?
Turn around right away and head back to your group of friends and make them walk with you.
Walk casually on, because you're not afraid at all.
Stop where you are and check around you for anything that could be giving you this bad feeling.
Keep going because the adrenaline rush is enough to defend yourself from whatever it is.
Speed up and keep a sharp eye out for anything fishy

Question 2:You're on a date, and he/she starts getting a little too friendly. What do you do?
Laugh nervously, and try to send them signals to stop, because you don't want to be so blunt.
Play long for a moment, then suddenly sock them in the face and tell them they deserve it.
Promptly tell them they make you sick and walk away.
Tell them to stop, then get up and leave.
Ask them to stop, nicely.

Question 3:Your favorite type of day is...
Snow! Lots of snow ball fights!
First day of Spring and Last day of winter.
Cooler weather, like autumn.
Sunny and a bit breezy, nice day for a swim.
don't really care

Question 4:When choosing a movie you look for...
Comedy or nice special FX.
Deep story and dynamic characters
A happy ending and love story
Something original

Question 5:You see a kid being beaten up by a group of other kids, what do you do?
Walk over and start shoving people.
Tell the group to stop and try to settle the matter peacefully.
Feel sorry for the kid... And call out to the group to stop.
That group of kids wouldn't know what hit them.
Tell the group of kids to leave the one kid alone, and if they don't, use force.

Question 6:Your favorite type of music is...
Something you can relate to
Deep meaningful lyrics
Something with a nice beat.
Heavy metal
Spunky jpop

Question 7:Who would you be attracted to?
I don't really know.
Maybe someone who makes you laugh
You like the bad boys/girls.
Someone with a pure heart who you feel you need to protect.
Someone who you can relate too, someone who makes you feel worth something

Question 8:Finish this sentence.... " Something so simple can seem ...."
like something so precious
like a piece of a bigger puzzle.
pretty hard, and it'll make you feel stupid later.
beyond all comprehension.

Question 9:What foods do you like?
whatever it's just food.
very flavored

Question 10:You're nothing without...
those you care about
adrenaline and chips, heh
a data chip

This Quiz has been designed by tara.