Ronin -ReViSiTeD-
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Ronin -ReViSiTeD-

You have trekked for three days across the mountain range. On the fourth day, in the distance, you see a building. As you get closer, you realize it's what you've been looking for. A Japanese style dojo, complete with Han dynasty architecture and symbols. When you enter the house, you can't seem to find anyone there. Suddenly...

Question 1:You prefer to have what kind of friends?
Many friends
No friends at all
A few, really close friends

Question 2:In your CD player right now is...
Some pop album, I forget.
Some band no one's ever heard of
Ja Rule, yo!

Question 3:Your dream vacation:
7 days in Hawaii or another tropical island
7 days in Colorado or another snow sports destination
7 days solo backpacking
7 days in a large, urban city like New York
7 days in the middle of nowhere, meditating

Question 4:In the summer, you like to play:
Some sort of running
Switching channels on the remote

Question 5:Your wisdom teeth are:
Going to be taken out really soon
Are already taken out
Won't be taken out for a while
Wisdom teeth?

Question 6:People would call you a
Fun loving
Spur of the moment, hyper

Question 7:You are in
The preppy clique
The punk clique
The birds-and-the-bees clique
Clique? I'm not in one
I'm not sure, I switch around a lot

Question 8:You think love is:
A sham
Thinking another person is attractive
*Needing* to be around a member of the opposite sex
Having some PDA
Calling a member of the opposite sex

Question 9:Your country for your adopt-a-country project is:
A well known country in Europe
Somewhere close to the U.S.
A totally obscure country that no one's every heard of
A poor, third world country

Question 10:If your school was invaded by terrorists, you would:
Run like a bat out of hell!
Stand your ground, but try not to get killed.
Attempt to figure out what they're trying to accomplish, then take action.
Take one of their guns and kill them all
Get a knife and use stealth

Question 11:If you said yes to the third, fourth, or fifth answer, your weapon of choice would be:
Some sort of dagger
A sword
A big ass gun
Your hands
Choose this one if you chose one or two.

Question 12:Your friends would say you are:
In the middle

Question 13:Your opinion on "labels"
I hate them!
They're pretty judgmental
I'm a rebel, so I don't care
I think it's amusing

Question 14:What is the Han dynasty?
The dynasty that existed before the Jing dynasty
A dude called Han
The dynasty that existed before the Three Kingdoms
The dynasty that existed before the Xing dynasty
The dynasty that existed before the Wu dynasty

Question 15:Funk makes you think of:
Disco violins.
Good music.
A Funk Odyssey
Something I need to get into more.

Question 16:Billy Joel:
Inspires you
Puts into words what you feel
Is a guy who makes some good music
Is a geezer

Question 17:Read the introduction again. You predict:
The Ronin will appear.
A threat of some kind.
Some sort of warrior
A friend
Some little animal that made a big noise

Question 18:Translated literally, Ronin means
"Samurai without master"
"Whispering Willow"
"Wandering Warrior"
"Wandering Person"
"Wandering Samurai"

Question 19:This quiz took you:
1 minute.
5 minutes.
10 minutes.
I didn't keep track
I have no sense of time, so I'm not sure.

Question 20:On this quiz, you answered all your questions:
Totally truthfully
On my first hunch
I lied a little, who cares?
I'm just trying to get a high score, baybay!

This Quiz has been designed by Nate Berkopec.