Which guy who lives in I-House 2118 are you?
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Which guy who lives in I-House 2118 are you?

At the end of a long hallway on the second floor of the Horton International House at the University of Toledo, live 6 guys who are remarkably different, yet similar, if only because they live in the same room. Chances are you know at least one of us, so that's why you're here. What we hope to have figured out for you by the end of this quiz, is which one, out of the six, you are most like...God help you.

Question 1:   If you could be any article of clothing....what would you be?
A pair of relaxed fit jeans
A wife-beater (or A-shirt if you will)
A FUBU hoodie
A thrift store t-shirt
Grey boxer briefs

Question 2:   What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Hard liquor, the dark stuff, like...vodka
Killian's Irish Red
I don't drink...
coffee mug-sized shots of Jim Beam

Question 3:   Which of these bands would you consider your favorite?
Van Halen
Linkin Park
Reel Big Fish
Bad Religion

Question 4:   What's your favorite TV show?
South Park...I guess
Old episodes of Saturday Night Live
The Simpsons
The Daily Show- over and over and over again, because it gets funnier every time when it's really loud and I'm two inches away from the screen.

Question 5:   What's your outlook on sleeping?
I sleep all the time...during the day
I like to sleep.
I sleep, when I'm not playing X-Box
Who needs it?

Question 6:   How do you interpret "quiet hours?"
Who cares?
I'm never around
"It's quiet hours...BIATCHES!"
It's usually about the time when I'm fully awake
Play X-Box time

Question 7:   Situation: You've just received a piece of free pizza, what is your comment regarding this event?
No comment, because I usually don't talk.
I'm never around when the other bastards get pizza.
No comment, I'm already eating it.
Thanks for the pizza.

Question 8:   Your main physical ailment is...
Average Death Cough
I have a dead man in my ass, making my crap smell really bad.
Death Cough, really bad Death Cough
blind, deaf, dumb, and I have BTs
The Sporadic Death Cough

Question 9:   If you were a guitar solo...what would you be?
As long as the solo is played by a guy with his back turned to the audience, it's a good guitar solo...
Any solo that rocks
E/F/G over and over again
The solo from "Stairway to Heaven"
I'd be a Han Solo!

Question 10:   What kind of drunk are you?
I'm a talkative, happy drunk.
A time-traveling drunk.
A chameleon drunk, I change colors...I don't know (head scratch).
I am a drunk-dialer.
I don't drink.

Question 11:   How often do you go to class?
All the time.
Whenever I fee like it, which is pretty often.
...I have a car.
Whenever I feel like it...which is never!
When I have a test.

Question 12:   What's your favorite movie?
The Matrix, late at night, really loud, three times in a row.
Remember The Titans
Pulp Fiction
Boondock Saints

Question 13:   What do you want to do with your life?
Design roller-coasters, if people don't kill me first.
Something (legal) with kids.
I want to be a Special Education Teacher.
Nothing, and by nothing, I mean do absolutely nothing for the rest of my life.
I want to be "The Gate," and entertain the masses.

Question 14:   How often do you talk on the phone?
Two hours a day.
Whenever my phone rings, which is all the time.
As many hours as anyone will let me use their phone.
Two to three hours at a time, each night.
When I have someone to talk to.

Question 15:   Which of these characteristics most aptly describes you?
Extreme Laid-Backedness
Massive, intimidating physical presence.
Eccentric Rage
Infinite Wisdom
(Un-)Unconquerable Game

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