What stock character are you?
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What stock character are you?

Are you the damsel in distress? The dashing hero? The evil villain? Or perhaps the wise-cracking side-kick? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1:   On a typical day you are:
Jumping through the forest looking for nuts
Drilling in the courtyard with your squire
Pick-pocketing in the streets of town
Plotting in your sinister evil lair
Embroidering tapestries in a tall tower

Question 2:   People usually react to you by:
Laughing at your wise-cracks
Beckoning you closer
Thanking you for your dedication to good
Praising your beauty
Flinching and running away

Question 3:   Your typical attire?
A dark robe with a hood that covers your face
Shining armor with your family colors displayed proudly
A long romantic gown and a delicate jeweled tiara
Filthy rags with a quirky hat perched atop your messy hair
Attire? I hop around the forest in the nude

Question 4:   You are attracted to:
Tall, handsome types who can protect you
Beautiful princesses

Question 5:   A commoner greets you. He says:
"You royal highness!" *deep bow*
"Get your hands off my food, you urchin!"
"Good sir, I pray you, help us rid of village of [insert beast here]"
"Come here, little guy!"
"You evilness!" *shudders in fear*

Question 6:   You travel most places by:
Carriage, or on a beautiful white horse named Buttercup
Horse, preferably your trusty steed Swiftfoot
Dragon, or teleportation

Question 7:   An evil villain has run off with your country's princess!
Frown heroically, then announce, "We must save her!"
You don't see how this has anything to do with nuts
Scream at the top of your lungs. You're being abducted, dammit!
Roll your eyes and ask, "And how must we save her?"
Laugh evilly. Your plan has succeeded!

Question 8:   The villain's lair is hidden in the hills. There are three entrances. You take:
The one closest to the hoard of nuts
The not booby-trapped one, obviously
The most obvious one. You don't know there's another
I'm already in the cave. Save me, already!
The secret one that comes out in a strategic place

Question 9:   Someone attacks you. You fight back with:
Screams of "Help! Help! Someone save me!"
Your knife
Your evil magical powers
Your teeth. No one but you has a right to those nuts!
Your trusty sword

Question 10:   At the end of the day, good triumphs over evil (as usual). You are:
Taking a bath. So much for a reward!
Getting married to your incredibly handsome rescuer
Accepting thanks from the king
Dead in a mangled twisted black mess in your former lair
In your forest, eating nuts

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