The Viestal Sorting
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The Viestal Sorting

Then the noises fade together, and soon you feel you can hear an actual voice. It is time for your sorting to begin...

Question 1:   What do you think is the best thing about coming to Viestal?
Making friends and having a good time.
It’s a new adventure and challenge.
To pass on the glory of your family name, and become a great wizard/witch.
Learning new spells to use in life.

Question 2:   You've come across a furious magical animal with two friends/companions. It looks about to charge or maybe something worse. What do you do?
Attempt to chase it away with a few spells by yourself or do something to keep it away from the others.
Pull out your wand and throw the most powerful spell you've got at it.
Formulate a plan with the others for defense against the beast.
Try to calm it without magic, for it is probably immune to what you know, and if that doesn’t work, flee.

Question 3:   You are watching a duel as a second. Your friend seems in deep trouble, but it is against the rules to interfere until the first is unable to battle. What do you do?
Yell to the other that you forfeit the match, if its in the rules or not, and then help your friend to the hospital wing.
Figure out a way to help your friend without disobeying the rules of the duel.
Let your friend battle as long as possible. If they can't take it, they weren't fit for a duel.
Forget the rules and cast a spell in the opponent’s direction to help out.

Question 4:   Now, you are the first in a duel. The first attack has sent you slamming into the wall behind you. Once you recover, what do you do?
Send various small spells to keep them busy while you decide what might be their weakness, then attack your hardest there.
Get back up with anger and blindly hurl your best spell at them.
Laugh and send a few different spells this way and that, then watch them loose slowly... and painfully.
Stagger up and send a defense spell to cover you while you search your memory for something that wouldn't be too hurtful.

Question 5:   What do you look for in a friend? Someone...
...almost exactly like you, loyal best friends to the end of your days. know won't get you into trouble, and always knows what you like.
...that knows who you really are, and will do anything with you, but still let you be alone. can make fun of and play rough with, and still be best buds in the end.

Question 6:   You have won a sack full of galleons for whatever reason. What do you do with them?
Oodles and oodles of fake items and magical tricks!
A brand-new broom, the latest, of course.
Stock up on magical literature and maybe some fascinating gizmos run by magic.
Put them in the bank for a rainy day, or buy a present for a friend.

Question 7:   What might you have won the money for?
A high mark on a test, or a s-p-e-l-l-i-n-g bee!
Winning the Quidditch cup, or a joke contest.
You probably placed a bet and won some place, or won a wizard's duel.
A donation, or maybe a raffle or something...

Question 8:   Exams are coming up. Whether you know that you've studied or not, you aren't sure you are going to pass a certain core class. A friend comes up to you and says that they know where to get all of the question and answers to the test. What do you do?
Grab the parchment and study it thankfully instead of your notes.
Look just to see if you missed anything important, and to make their work worthwhile.
Gasp and scold them for being so stupid and ignorant. They should study!
Ignore it. They're probably lying anyway.

Question 9:   You find a wounded owl on the grounds outside the school. What do you do?
Bring it to your room and keep it secret while you nurse your way, then maybe keep it.
Leave it. Animals need to learn to fend for themselves in the wild.
Pick it up and take it in, then figure out what is wrong with it. Then make it better.
Take it and comfort it until you can get it to a specialist who knows how to heal it.

Question 10:   Who is most important to you in your life?
Yourself. You are happy with or without someone else, no matter the circumstances.
Your family. They’ve been there your whole life, and you know they are, and vise versa.
Your friends. They’re fun and you know she can always confide in them.
Teachers and other adults. They help you learn things and have experience.

Question 11:   You find a bit of muggle money on the ground. What do you do?
Give it to a local donation center. Even if it isn’t much, you don’t need it.
Leave it. Why in the history of everything would any wizard want anything to do with muggle money?
Take it and buy as much as you can with it. It doesn’t matter what kind of money it id, but that it’s money.
Pick it up and find out how much it is worth, then transfer it to real wizard money.

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