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Which member of #EisE are you?

  • 1
    Your lover says that they can't be with you any more because they don't trust that you'll be there for them when they need you.

    Do you...
  • 2
    You've been elected Governor of a small provincial town. You're really excited to make some necessary changes to the town's political and social structure, but in order to take office you must agree to be under 24-hour video surveillance for your entire terms.

    Do you:
  • 3
    You are at a party having a good time, chatting with friendly people. You are in the middle of telling a story when you suddenly notice that your rival is here - that one person who is just like you only cooler - they must have just arrived. You are so surprised that you forget the end of the story, and you trail off into silence. There is an awkward pause for a moment, then your rival says something and everyone bursts out laughing.

    Do you:

  • 4
    As the bus is pulling up to your stop, you get up from your seat to hop off. As the bus comes to a stop, you realise that the person waiting to get on the bus is you - it is your doppelganger, an identical double dressed in the same outfit you have on. The bus door opens.

    Do you:
  • 5
    You have died, and your immortal spirit has risen to the city of heaven,
    And the foundations of the walls of the city are garnished with all manner of precious stones
    And the building of the wall of it is of jasper: and the city is pure gold, like unto clear glass
    And at the gate stands guard a saint, and his countenance is joyful, and he looks at you and asks
    'Tell me, by your own conscience, have you lived a worthy life? Should I allow you in?'

    How do you respond?
  • 6
    You've committed to riding your bike for awhile, regardless of the distance. Today, the morning was a bit chilly but still smooth, and now in the evening, it is pouring down rain. You have a poncho that is pretty good at deflecting, but you don't have proper shoes and you're not generally fond of the elements coming down on you, especially in the cold. Your coat/shoes/gloves are insufficient. You consider just taking your bike on the subway or in one of those big cabs. HOWEVER being in the city like you are, you run into your ex right there on the street corner in the pouring down rain. They say hi to you under their umbrella. You have already promised yourself that this person will never see you weak. But you also hate hate hate biking in the rain.

    What's your plan?

  • 7
    The guards threaten to torture you you if you don't confess to the charges and agree to testify against your friend.

    Do you...
    The guards threaten to torture you you if you don't confess to the charges and agree to testify against your friend. Do you...
  • 8
    You popped out for a quiet walk to clear your head when you accidentally saved 70 peoples' lives, including the President of Brazil and one of the Rolling Stones. The Mayor wants to award you special honours in a public ceremony.

    Do you:
  • 9
    Your purpose on this earth is to:
  • 10
    You're teaching a group of children who are rowdier than you'd like. Suddenly, one of them turns to you and says "if I was you, I'd kill myself."

    You respond by:

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