Which Southern Belle Are You?

Ever wondered if you were southern belle material? Take the quiz to find out!

Question 1:What is your favorite color?
white -- like the pure, driven snow
green -- it matches my personality
yellow -- just like my skin, er, hair
red -- like the fire in my eyes

Question 2:Your best friend snags your dream man -- again. You:
Forgive her. She's such a vibrant person.
Spread vicious gossip about her to everyone you know.
Scratch her eyeballs out, of course!
Hook up with her brother, so that you are bound forever to her family and your dream man.

Question 3:There is no food in the house, and the family is starving. Quick, what do you do?
having just given birth, you crawl weakly towards the garden -- you must feed the children!
High-tail it to the city...your relatives have money and food...and scoff at the poor losers back home.
Conveniently come down with a case of typhoid to avoid hard work.
Put on your work clothes and dig in the dirt with your bare hands...no one, especially you...will starve on your watch!

Question 4:The most gorgeous man in the world falls madly in love with...
my wonderful friend...she's so lucky -- of course, my sweetie is pretty cute, too!
that tramp down the road...she'll do anything for a man!
my sister!?! my SISTER?!?! how could she do this to me!
that mealy-mouthed city girl...what's so great about her?

Question 5:Your dream man is...
a poet, a dreamer, a man of honor
a rich one!
a nice older man who worships me, of course
a swarthy pirate type who makes my blood boil

Question 6:Your favorite family member is...
my husband, who is also my first cousin
my first cousin, whom i would have married if that tramp hadn't stolen him away!
my mother, God rest her soul
my father, God rest his soul

Question 7:That woman who tried to steal your man crashes your party. What do you do?
graciously welcome her into your home, of course...you don't believe evil gossip
smirk at her obvious discomfort...you knew the rumors would get to her
rush madly at her and claw her eyeballs out
no one would dare to steal your man...he's a bad boy but i'm worse

Question 8:Your secret dream is...
that my family will be happy
that the tramp down the street will get hers
that my sister gets what's coming to her
the one that got away...and then the next one that gets away...

Question 9:You need money, fast! What do you do?
trust that my husband will provide...and if he can't, we'll manage
go to my family...they have money coming out their ears
my sister always has plenty...i have to ask her
put on my best outfit and charm the richest man i know

Question 10:One word that is closest to my personality is...

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