What Kind Of Fulton Jr. Higher Are You?
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What Kind Of Fulton Jr. Higher Are You?

What kind of Fulton Jr. High person are you? Be honest, or it won't work.

Question 1:How often do you take a shower?
Once a day, of course!
Every other day.
Umm...once every couple days.
Uh, let me go check.

Question 2:Where do you buy your clothes?
K-Mart, sometimes, and maybe The Dollar Store if I spent some of my allowance already.
Sears and Kaufmans.
Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, American Eage...need I say more?
Pacific Sunwear and other places like that.
My mom shops for me.

Question 3:On average, how many shirts or pants do you have?
What are shirts?
Around 20-40.
About 10-15.

Question 4:Do you wear a shirt more than one time in one week?
Eww! God no!
Maybe, if my mom hasn't done a wash yet.
Practically never.
I have to!

Question 5:How many friends do you have?
One or two close ones.
A lot, but they're not that close. But we hang out a lot.
God, a lot. I'm, like, the most popular girl in the school.
Some, but mostly I'm pretty quiet.
None at all. Just call me an outcast.

Question 6:What kind of makeup do you get?
Um, I'm a guy.
I just buy any kind from The Dollar Store.
Regular kinds...Maybelline, Cover Girl, Jane, N.Y.C., M.A.C.
I'm not allowed to wear makeup.
Nothing that YOU'D like.

Question 7:Do you get picked on ever?
Never! No one would ever DARE to make fun of me.
No! Everyone likes me, and everyone wants to BE me.
Not in a mean way.
Yeah, but I've learned to deal with it.
Yes! I hate it!

Question 8:Do you have a boyfriend?
Duh...who doesn't?
Only the most popular guy.
I wish...but I do like someone.
I like someone, but they're way too popular for me.
Yeah, but he's not popular at all.

Question 9:What kind of music do you listen to?
Anything that is popular.
Mostly Jazz or soothing music.
My music doesn't really have a class.

Question 10:How many people do you have on your buddy list?
80-100 or more
I don't have AIM or AOL.

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