Would you survive in the world of 24?
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Would you survive in the world of 24?

Ever wondered how you would do if you had to endure one of those long CTU days? Now you can find out, with this (hopefully) great quiz! Will you be a hero? Will you be like a lamb to the slaughter? There's only one way to know for sure...

Question 1:   You have to track a target. Do you...?
Stealthily shadow him
Go undercover and talk to him
Track him using satellite imagery
Run at him in full view, obviously after him
Get one of your subordinates to do it

Question 2:   Who would you pick as a working partner?
George Mason
Jack Bauer
Alberta Green
Paula Schaeffer
Kim Bauer

Question 3:   What are you best at?
Computer Operating
Being nice

Question 4:   You've been taken hostage and people are trying to rescue you. Do you...?
Tell your rescuers to hurry up or they'll be fired
Wait for an opportunity, then break away dramatically
Try to slip your rescuers information which could help
Tell your would-be rescuers not to risk themselves

Question 5:   Someone is about to shoot President Palmer. Do you...?
Whip out your pistol and shoot the sniper
Tell the Secret Service to do something
Distract the shooter somehow
Dive in front of the President
Shout 'look out'

Question 6:   You are charged with saving a civilian hostage from a terrorist. Do you...?
Send in a SWAT team through the front door
Plead pathetically with the terrorist
Look up the blueprint for the building and tell the SWAT team how to get in
Quickly shoot the terrorist
Try to negotiate

Question 7:   CTU has just been blown up. Do you...?
Get casualty reports, then get everyone back to work
Gather everyone up and look for survivors
Rip up the debris looking for friends
Run around and scream
Try to get the computer running again

Question 8:   Jack Bauer needs help. Do you...?
Go and help him, against orders
Panic and ask someone to 'help him, please!'
Do what you can, until you are told to stop by your boss
Secretly help through your computer

Question 9:   You've come to a nuclear bomb. What do you do?
Call your dad for help
Fly it into the desert on a suicide mission
Tell someone else to fly it off on a suicide mission
Get a handy machine to tell you how do disarm it
Try and defuse it

Question 10:   It's all over and you're (hypothetically) safe. What do you do now?
Drink coffee and sit down
Faint with relief
Continue working and cleaning up the mess
Fire someone
Go home to be with your family

This Quiz has been designed by Ross.