What Buffy the Vampire Slayer are you most like?
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What Buffy the Vampire Slayer are you most like?

Do you love Buffy? So much that you even wish that you were in it? Well take this quiz and see which character you could star as! Are you the kick-ass Buffy? Witchy and post-nerdy Willow? Funny guy Xander?

Question 1:What is your dating style?
I'm into girls.
I'm too old to date
I don't usually get a lot of dates, and when I do, I screw it up.
I'm too young to date, but if I was, I'd date the star football player!
I like my men sexy and evil.

Question 2:What was your favorite subject in school?
I lived in the library.
I love school. Do you want me to do your homework for you?
Anything but History.
I never feel like going to school.

Question 3:Where do you like to hang out after school?
Hang out at the Bronze.
The graveyard....patrolling....
Sitting in my house, I never go out.... I'm not allowed.
The magic shop.
I'm too old to hang out, I like to read and do research.

Question 4:What is the worst thing that you have ever done?
Walked out on my own wedding...
Well I snuck out once on Halloween...
Killed a man!
I wasn't around when I should have been.
Slept with my boyfriend, who then turned into a monster again!

Question 5:What do you want to be when you grow up?
Wherever I can get a job... (I didn't do the college thing!)
Grow up? I hope that I get to grow up!
No idea.
Who knows? I'm still in college.

Question 6:What is your special power?
Super Slayer Strength.
I am a powerful witch...but don't let me turn evil!
I'm funny and I loosen the tension....
I'm not very important anymore.

Question 7:What do you look like?
Blond and sexy!
Skinny with red hair.
British accent....nevermind!
Sweet and innocent!
Cute and cuddly!

Question 8:Your desire....
to be smarter, richer, hotter.......
to be younger and have more fun!

Question 9:You can't seem to get over...
the loss of lesbian lover.
the loss of exfiancé.
the loss of a friend.
the loss of a parent.
the loss of exboyfriend(s).

Question 10:You are:
a good father/mother figure.
a great friend.
clumsy but funny.

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