Which Buffy character are you?
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Which Buffy character are you?

Are you smart Willow or brave Buffy? Britannic Giles or moody Spike? this test will tell you

Question 1:What was your nickname when you were at high school student?
Summoner of Demons

Question 2:Chose your poison.
Always, pizza.
lots of sweets!
Tea and pastries, thank you.
Beer. Blood. Buffy. anything beginning with "b"

Question 3:What colour is your hair?
Red, or white, or black. It depends on my mood.
Dark brown.
Kinda brown

Question 4:What song best describes you?
"I say a little pray for you"
"One way or another"
"I started a joke"
"Bring me to life"

Question 5:Fave colour?

Question 6:If you were about to kill a vampire, what would you say to him?
Avada Kedavra!
Sorry. It’s this dammed chip in my head which makes me kill you.
Nothing. I just watch while my friends do the hard work.
Bye bye.
Uh, boy. I can't believe I am doing this. Will this make chicks love me more?

Question 7:What is your best trait?
I am loyal.
I am too cool for you. (please love me)
I am very intelligent.
I am the bravest!
I am extremely polite.

Question 8:How are your parents?
Well, my mother is dead and my father doesn't talk to me.
They want me to be just like they are.
Both dead. Thanks God Allmighty.
Upstairs my basement, why?
They expect the best from me.

Question 9:Do you love yourself?
Yes! It's great! I have success with everything...
No. It sucks to be me. But I pretend I love me, though. Attitude, you know.
I would like to be more affectionate with the people I love.
I'd like to be smarter, prettier and wealthier. My health is good, though.

Question 10:Life is...
I can't remember.
a path.

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