Which Chicken Girls Character Am I?

This quiz is for everybody who loves Chicken Girls. Since you're here looking at it, I am guessing you're one of us! There are 10 questions for you to answer. Hope you get the girl you like the most - have fun! P.S.: I love Chicken Girls, too - and Kayla (Dylan) is my favorite.:)

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    Which Chicken Girl do you expect to be most like?
    Which Chicken Girl do you expect to be most like?

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33 days ago
I got kayla omg I love her ❤
114 days ago
love annie leblanc songs as well
114 days ago
I love rhythms charters
160 days ago
You are Kayla! You love to wear fancy clothes, and you look amazing in them! You have a great sense of humor, and love to focus on your boyfriend. You're completely awesome!
165 days ago
At first i got ME then i got kayla
Im so happy
btw its rlly me
169 days ago
I got Annie/Rhyme all the way
194 days ago
212 days ago
Hey guys i can't wait for you guys to see the new episode its gonna be good #go sub to annie leblanc #sub to Brat TV
212 days ago
cool i got flash #couple goals
212 days ago
I got kayla awesome right?i love the chicken girls i cant wait for season 7 ep 2
228 days ago
I got rhyme/ Annie Leblanc
246 days ago
I got Rhyme/Annie!!!!!!
250 days ago
I got myself lol I’m so Rhyme!
256 days ago
Hahaha at my Frist try I got kayla
Then I got Anne lablance
258 days ago
And tk too i’m So happy I go tk too
258 days ago
I go Rymre my favorite person aka Annie Leblanc
262 days ago
I got dylan/Kayla :)
267 days ago
I got annie leblanc
286 days ago
I got kayla😂I wanted to get birdie though 😥
289 days ago
I Got Dylan And I Got Annie And Robbie And Ellie And I Want Ace Or Flash Or Tk