What CSI character are you?
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What CSI character are you?

Are you obsessed with the show CSI? Do you never miss an episode? Well take this quiz and find out who you are most like from the show.

Question 1:You come across a body lying in an alley. What do you think first?
A Euscepes postfasciatus! This body has been here for at least 18 hours.
There is blood under her nails and a yellow fiber on her coat.
Wait, I wouldn't be at a scene, but that would be cool.
That poor woman, how could someone do this?
What is that smell? Peaches?

Question 2:What are you likely to be doing on a saturday night?
Night on the town.
Trying to get myself a date.
Sitting at home alone.
Spending time with my family.
Fine wine, classical music, and a book.

Question 3:What was/is your favorite subject?
Sociology, psychology, something like that.
chemistry, biology, anything scientific.
Well, I didn't/don't really have one.
What?!? I can't choose, I like it all!!

Question 4:What is your favorite aspect of forensic science?
traces of blood and fluids.
the timetable insects leave.
bones are cool, but I really wanna catch the "bad guy."
DNA, serology, analysing materials sent my way.
I like working with gunshot and puncture wounds.

Question 5:If you couldn't be a CSI or forensic scientist, what would you do?
Definitely a professional skateboarder.
I'd be an entertainer.
I'd probably be a bookie.
I wouldn't want to do anything else.
I'd probably be a professor of science, entomology.

Question 6:What is the worse crime?
Hey, a crime is a crime. I just wanna catch the perpetrator.
One without any evidence to analyze.
Anything dealing with children.
All crimes are equally bad.
Violence against a woman.

Question 7:What is your favorite show?
Show? I don't watch TV.
monday night football
7th heaven
forensic files

Question 8:If you were stranded on an island, what one item would you want to take with you?
a laptop
a book about forensic science
water....why am I on an island?
a friend
my child (or a parent if you have no kids)

Question 9:Who would you be friends with?

Question 10:Who do YOU think you are most like?

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