Which CSI Cast Member Are You?
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Which CSI Cast Member Are You?

Have you ever wondered which CSI cast member you are?

Question 1:Do you fall in love with men way older then you or already in relationships?
What are you taking about?

Question 2:Do you like to dance using props?
I like to watch people who do that
Yes, I have done it as an occupation
I have dated one of those people
I am not telling
Why do you need to use props?

Question 3:Do you enjoy the company of bodies or insects?
I am never in the show to find out
I don't know I have not tried
Naa, I am not into that stuff
I like bodies
Yes, very much so

Question 4:Do you enjoy Gambling?
I probably worked for people that gambled
I have never gambled
Yes I am addicted
I enjoy the sounds of the machine

Question 5:Have you ever Had a Stalker?
Yes, he kept chanting "I am one who am I"
Men stalked me when I was a dancer
No, never cause I got people
No, I wonder why
The definition of Stalker...

Question 6:Have you ever injured a friend by explosion?
No I am not that stupid
I have injured myself
I was there when an explosion happened
Yes once

Question 7:What do you do to cool off?
Go to work
Ride Rollercoasters
Be with my family

Question 8:What do you call plants?
I like flowers
Plants Dumbass
I don't know

Question 9:What nicknames do you use for people you are involved with?
I have too many to tell
I use their names

Question 10:How many times do you wrap you sandwich up?
I don't know
That’s stupid
I don't eat sandwiches

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