Which 'Friends' Girl Are You?
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Which 'Friends' Girl Are You?

Rachel? Monica? Phoebe?

Question 1:Your dream date is...
Something romantic, with candles and music.
A Nice restaurant or maybe seeing a broadway show.
Something fun and different!

Question 2:You're ideal job is ...
a chef.
something with fashion.
a massage therapist. ^_~

Question 3:One word that describes you best is...

Question 4:When you were a kids, you were...
The most popular girl @ school
Living on the street because your mother died, and your dad abandoned you.

Question 5:You've dated ...
your ex-boyfriend's son.
an orthodontist.
you twin sister's ex-husband.

Question 6:For Halloween, you dress up like a
Cat. Meow!
Dress Up?
Super Girl!

Question 7:You're a bit...

Question 8:Something people don't like about you is...
you're a clean freak!
You can never make up your mind... no wait....I mean...
You march to the beat of your own drum.

Question 9:You are...
Single...but not for sure...
Single, but looking!

Question 10:As for kids...
You want them!
You've had one!
You've had twins!

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