Which Friends Girl Are You?
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Which Friends Girl Are You?

Are you Rachel, Phoebe, or Monica? Take the test and find out!

Question 1:What flaw would your friends say you have?
They think I'm material.
They think I'm overbearing.
They think I'm tactless.

Question 2:Which person are you in your circle of friends?
The perky, friendly one!
The competitive perfectionist
The enthusiastic, ditzy one!

Question 3:Which best describes your relationship with siblings?
My sister is such a bitch! Get her away from my ex!
There are times when we fight, but we get along perfectly fine otherwise
My brother is cool, but my sister is my evil twin!
Don't have any.

Question 4:Which best describes your living state?
Everything is fairly organized...I wouldn't say it is
Everything must be neat and organized, or I throw a hissy fit.
Everything has to have my own, personal little touches.

Question 5:What is your talent?
I can sail!
I'm a great cook!
I am creative

Question 6:What do you think of Chandler?
If I could beat up any of my friends, it would probably be him!
If I knew him, he would be my best friend.
He is my friend and everything, but Monica's true soulmate is the guy who wants to live in a house of cheese!

Question 7:Which guy on Friends would you never ever want to date?

Question 8:Which would you rather read?
A magazine
A book
A newspaper

Question 9:Which is your style?

Question 10:Which would you rather be?
A designer for Ralph Lauren
A chef
A musician

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