Which Friends Guy Are You?
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Which Friends Guy Are You?

Are you Joey, Chandler, or Ross? Find out here!

Question 1:What do you like to watch on TV the most?
The Discovery Channel...it's all about learning!
Baywatch, man! Gotta watch those chicks run!
If it's porn, it's all good.

Question 2:What is your favorite pastime?
Eating...nothing comes between me and my meals!

Question 3:You usually go for girls that are...

Question 4:Which job would you like to pursue the most?
Statistical Data Processing and Reconfiguration...whatever that is

Question 5:What's your family flaw?
My sister is always competing with my for attention, but everyone knows that Mom and Dad love me more! Oh, did I mention she looked like an inflated balloon when she was younger?
My dad seems to be uncertain about his gender.
My sister is in prison.
My family's perfect!

Question 6:What's your idea of a perfect date?
Showing your date a slideshow you created for your paleontology class.
A home-cooked meal
Dinner at a nice restaurant

Question 7:Your best friend steals your girl. How do you react?
Hmmm...I've stolen my best friend's girl before, but they have never stolen mine. HAHA...she's mine now!
I would probably make him sit in a box to prove he cares about me.

Question 8:What is your relationship with your best friend(s) like?
I'm treated as a second. When the other guy is out, I'm in.
He's cool...except for that constant knuckle-cracking of his...that has got to stop.
The two of us are inseparable.

Question 9:Pick the first one that comes to mind...

Question 10:What clique did you fit into in high school?

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