Which Gilmore Girl/ Charmed One Are You???

This is a quiz to see which Gilmore Girls character or Charmed Character you are most like. GOOD LUCK!!

Question 1:On a rainy day you would rather:
Have a romantic dinner with your sweetie
Dance around to your favourite music
Act crazy, like the rest of the time
Read a book and drink coffee

Question 2:An example of your favourite style of clothes is:
Floaty Skirt, a Cute Top and Matching Sandals
Jeans, T-Shirt, Your Sweeties Sweatshirt and Running Shoes
Jeans, T-shirt and Sandals
Jeans with patches, a Funky Frilly Tank Top and Mid Heeled Shoes
Jeans, a Printed T-shirt and Running Shoes

Question 3:Your Hair Is:
Natural Colour, in a flirty cut which makes you look even sexier than your last hairdo
Natural Colour, Long and usually left down
Natural colour, usually left down, with it's natural wave very obvious
A totally different colour than natural, in a mid length funky hairdo
Long, Natural colour, and usually held back by a Hair Glove (TM) or in a ponytail

Question 4:Your Job Consists Of:
You work in a bar, club or restaurant
You don't really have one, You're A Student!
You're part of the management at your work
You're Unemployed, but in you're last job, you helped people
You write for a newspaper, magazine or something else that requires brains and words

Question 5:Your Guy Is:
A down to earth, sweetie-pie. And he cooks
A Bad Boy
You Don't Have a Guy Right Now, But you're looking
A sweet, nice guy who helps everyone
A Gorgeous guy who you hardly know

Question 6:Do you Have Siblings?

Question 7:What Kind of Relationship do you have with you mother?
Awesome. She's like you're best friend
She is one of the people you truly look up to
You and your mom are like water and oil. You can't seem to agree on ANYTHING!
You miss her when you're not around her
It's tense, but she's there for you

Question 8:Your car is a:
A Sport Utility Vehicle
An old beat up looking Jeep
A hand me down from your parents
One of the new VW Beetles
A Jeep, but mostly because it looks nice

Question 9:Your Living Space Looks like:
Like a tornado hit it
Neutral Colours and a few mementos from your past
Covered with posters and pictures of bands and people who are special to you
Romantic colours like pinks
Like the rest of your life; Funky and fun

Question 10:Last but not least, Finish this sentence: "I Have More _______ Than Anyone I Know"
Of A Friendship With My Mom

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