Which "How I Met Your Mother" Character Am I Most Like?

Welcome, superfans of How I Met Your Mother! Go ahead, find out now which character on the show - Ted, Lily, Barney, Marshall or Robin - you're most like! You probably already have some idea, so answer these 30 questions and see if you're right!

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    An attractive guy/girl gives you his/her number. What do you do?

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1045 days ago
43% Barney 23% Robin
1737 days ago
I'm 23% Ted, Marshall, Robin and Barney! 7% Lily. Lol
1933 days ago
It shows I'm 30% barney,than Marshall than robin than ted and than lily...but i should be more like robin or ted!totally confusing
1988 days ago
Im Robin, then Lily, then Ted and Marshall equally and 0% Barney!
2669 days ago
I'm Marshall, then Barney, then Ted, then Robin, then Lily. I normally get either Lily or Marshall.