What does Peter Pan think of you?

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    Lying awake in your bed, you turn to check the time. The alarm clock reads 3:00am, yet for some reason you're just not tired tonight. As you try to fall asleep you hear a strange whooshing sound outside your window. What do you do now?
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    Your window flies open, revealing a teenage boy and you repress the scream building in your throat to ask him a question. Which?
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    "Did I startle you?" The boy asks, ignoring your questions and setting himself down on the end of your bed. "I'd apologise but that would be so unlike me. I'm Peter Pan, by the way." You blink in confusion before responding.

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    He rolls his eyes and clicks his fingers. Immediately you are transported to a serene beach. It's still the dead of night but in the distance you see light. "Welcome to Neverland." He says, gesturing. He turns to you with a wicked grin. "Oh, I do like this bit. You still can't tell whether or.not this is real or you're mad."
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    ~couple months later~
    You eventually adjusted to the fact Neverland is real. You've been living with the Lost Boys for a while now, but even though there was nothing for you there, you still wonder if you could get back home. Would you go back, if you could?
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    It's a bright day, you've helped the Lost Boys collect firewood and now you've been left alone. You really need some time to think. Time to think about what you're going to do with your life from this point. Where d'you go to do so?

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    While you're thinking, there's a sudden warm breath on your neck and a familiar voice in your ear. "My favourite colour is green, you know, that might seem a little obvious, but it is such a... Youthful colour." You can hear his smirk before you can see it. Seconds later he's sat next to you. "What about you? Favourite colour?"
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    Pan hums thoughtfully next to you. "Interesting." He murmurs before he disappears into thin air. You furrow your eyebrows... All he wanted was your favourite colour, wondering why, you ask yourself the reason.
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    Just some little questions now.
    Felix - your thoughts?
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    Would you be able to hear Pan's pipe?

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