Which Big Brother 3 Girl Are You?
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Which Big Brother 3 Girl Are You?

Are you as bitchy as Jade? As drunken and lairy as Lynne? You decide.....

Question 1:It's your birthday, and Big Brother has asked you what theme you would like for your party. What do you choose?
Saucy Schoolgirls party
Banging Choons party
Club Reps party
What party?
Five-a-Side party

Question 2:Big Brother asks you to cook your favourite meal for your fellow housemates. What would you cook them?
Chinese food

Question 3:Rich side / poor side. What would you miss the most if you were over the bars on the poor side?
Ben & Jerry's icecream
the comfy sofas
the swimming pool

Question 4:You sit daydreaming on a rainy day in the house. What's the first thing you'll do when you leave the house?
Go back to work - I've got my career to think of- better not stay too long...
Go shoe shopping
Hit the gym to work off my Big Brother spread
Watch the videoed World Cup games
Have some Chinese food

Question 5:Whilst in the house, what have you missed most about the outside world?
Trendy wine bars
Chinese food
Nights out on the town
The gym

Question 6:It's Monday afternoon and time for your nominations. How do you feel?
Excited - I can have a lengthy whinge about who I dislike this week
Doesn't bother me- might not be here that long....
Not great - I don't like constantly thinking about people's bad points
OK - I can say what I really feel rather than just agreeing with everyone else
Fine - it's only a game, right?

Question 7:You receive a strike. What's it for?
Stealing chocolate from the rich side
Breaking a table in the garden
Discussing nominations....like.... a million times!
I wouldn't get a strike - wouldn't stick around long enough to break the rules...
Evilly plotting to kill 3 of my fellow housemates

Question 8:What's your position within the Big Brother family?
The party leader - I like to get everyone going with some fun and sexy drinking games
The baby - I like everyone's attention ( and I get away with sitting on my arse doing nothing)
It's just not my bag. I don't feel part of the family at all
A bit of a joker - I'm just there to have fun with some new friends.
Chicken hand- I like to get up early and have my house in order

Question 9:Big Brother allows you a magazine as a reward for winning a mini-task. What do you choose?
Heat - I like to keep up with the gossip
I'd choose a holiday brochure of the Med, so I could think about fun in the sun
Bodybuilders Monthly - to plan my exercise regime when I leave the house
New Woman - a real ladette's mag
Marie Claire - but like, for their campaigning on women's issues, man

Question 10:Big Brother has only allowed you one set of clothes for your week on the poor side. What do you choose?
a bikini and some ripped denim hotpants
jeans and a funky top
a knee-length skirt with a trendy summer top
something tight and tarty
something sporty and retro

This Quiz has been designed by sarah.