Which Family Matters Character Are You?
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Which Family Matters Character Are You?

Question 1:How would you spend most Saturday nights?
Grounded for the millionth time
Hanging with my friends
Whipping up a new science experiment or creating a new invention
Hanging out at a local fast food restaurant

Question 2:What do you want to be when you grow up?
A singer
A lawyer
A scientist
A chef

Question 3:What role do you play in your family?
I'm a bad boy, but my parents love me anyway.
I'm the one who my parents can trust.
My parents don't like me. They think I'm annoying
I'm the 'dumb' one.

Question 4:Which best describes your social life?
People dig me.
I'm popular.
I'm a loner.
I'm neither popular, nor unpopular. I have just enough close friends.

Question 5:Rate your schoolwork status.
I'm smart, but I don't work hard so my grades are just mediocre.
I'm a straight-A student and I work really hard, but I also have a big social life.
I'm a straight-A student, with no social life.
My grades tend to suffer, but I have a good social life.

Question 6:Which college would be realistic for you to set your sights on?
University of Illinois
Harvard University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T)
Chicago Culinary Institute

Question 7:What do people at your school think of you?
I'm Mr. Cool.
They think I'm smart and cool.
They think I'm an annoying geek.
They think I'm dumb, but fun to be around.

Question 8:Which one would break your heart the most?
Getting dumped on a first date.
Not being able to go to the ivy league school you got into because of some financial issues.
Having to move away from the people you care about the most.
Being shut out by your best friend.

Question 9:Which of the following is absolutely necessary for you to have?
A car
A nosering
Potato Chips

Question 10:Which is your worst habit?
Asking my parents for money
Staying out past my curfew
Bumping into things
Saying things that don't make sense (and you mean them, too)

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