Which Dawson's Creek Character Are You?
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Which Dawson's Creek Character Are You?

Question 1:You would most likely get into trouble for...
Hitting your friend in the face with a basketball
Punching out someone who really deserved it
Spitting in a teacher's face
Swearing in class

Question 2:You are generally attracted to people who...
Bring out the bad in you
Who encourage you to go for your dreams
Who give you confidence
Are mad, bad, and dangerous to know

Question 3:A stranger comes up to you and hits on you. What do you do?
Hey, let's get to know you first.
Hit him for not respecting your solitude
Hey, I'm interested.
Make some sarcastic remark in an attempt to scare him/her away

Question 4:Which best describes your style?
Casual, but nice.
It can vary from sporty to trendy.
Hey, if it's on the floor, it's for me.
Somewhere between trendy and rebellious

Question 5:In your hometown, you are known for...
Being a normal person
Having a messed-up family
Being a loser who will never get anywhere
Being wild and rebellious

Question 6:You would go to the college that is...
Good for the career that you want to pursue in life
Ranked among the top schools
Who said anything about college? I prefer working instead.
The same one as your best friend's

Question 7:In high school, you...
were average
were the top student (or ranked among the top students)
didn't care...high school is a waste of time.
were above Average

Question 8:Your siblings...
Are too young to know what is going on in your world
Are supportive of you
They can be nice or mean depending on the minute.
I don't have any.

Question 9:You would never ever...
Diss Steven Spielberg
Leave an assignment off till last minute
Do anything that involves work
Talk to your parents

Question 10:Your parents...
Support you 100%
Are never around.
Think you're a loser
Don't communicate with you

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